Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I didn't know that Moms wore glasses!"

I usually start writing these things and think I don't have much at all to say. Then I start writing and most of the time something good comes out of it. I just tried looking up in my journal the specific date of something really important and I didn't record it so I can't figure out the date! Which is why I've resolved to write more often. Not that this is my journal; wouldn't that be a fun read. Not lol. Unless, of course, your an old man named Paul (no bitterness there AT all ;). Hey! If anyone wants to know anything about the private and personal journal of Megan Jolynn Sumbot let him know; I'm sure he'd love to share :)

Anyways. Back on topic.

I also feel like Becky Sparks is the only person who reads this blog and we've definitely been doing a lot of daily updates lately and so I'm just retelling my day. Poor Becky. Sorry friend, you'll just have to read it again.

What's new? Nearly nothing at all haha. I feel like I have done NOTHING all week long. I hate that feeling with a passion. It's been one of those 'dirty laundry everywhere, clutter everywhere, cookie dough eating' weeks so far. Lame.

I have so many announcements and thank you cards to get out that I've just given up trying to make another dent in the pack and keep procrastinating doing it. P.S this activity is also really hard to do with a little baby vying for every ounce of my attention. lol.


Sorry just had to put that out there.

Had one million Dr's appointments yesterday. Went to see my surgeon Dr. Killem (ironic name right pahahha? Even funnier; his first name's sirrender). He says "Now Megan untill your surgery no more fried or fatty foods to subdue the attacks you've been having". .. I smile "Yes of course".

First stop after filling up Benny at GasKing: Tim Horton's. What did I order you ask? A Strawberry Vanilla Doughnut and a Vanilla Spice Hot smoothie. Please tell me how on earth Dr. Killem was expecting me to resist the temptation of Tim Horton's the day of the first snow before Christmas??? I sincerely do not know the answer to that question.

Have I mentioned that the first snow of the year/blizzards are some of my favorite days of the year? Well now you know. Also; Christmas is filled with magic and amazing things. I.LOVE.CHRISTMAS. This whole 'love of blizzards' thing has gotten me into trouble in the past though. Last year I took Ken out for a walk during one of the worst blizzards of the year. I walked down to the school which had snow piled five feet up the building. We walked through this field; or plowed through it more accurately haha. Poor Kenny almost drowned in snow. It was all the way up to my hips. When we finally decided to go home the wind and snow were blowing so bad in my face that I had to walk backwards and just hope that Kenny didn't make me walk into something hahaha. My Mom and T were driving home in her PT Cruiser that she was borrowing for the time being and I waved them over and made them drive Kenny and I the rest of the block home hahaha.

Ahhhh, good times.

One lame part of snow though: having to shovel it off your driveway. Momma, Kisser and I went out and did that tonight. It wasn't unbearable and was good for me to actually get my lazy momma bones moving but I know it's gunna hurt once the temperature drops! It's an awesome activity for when you're angry. Not that I was angry tonight; but ice picking some of that stuff off cement takes a whole lot of force lol.

Tomorrow - expecting a whole lot of sore shoulder ha.

Haven's first snow :)

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I got distracted lol! Today I drove down to the church and helped baby sit at the nursery. There ended up being TWENTY TWO kids; all cute as buttons (I've never understood that phrase. Buttons aren't cute Regardless. They were cute)! Thankfully, I wasn't the only one there to help. It went extremely well considering all the kids were five and under.

Nillson kids definitely win the prize for making me laugh the most. Little Sammy I think might be the cutest little boy of my entire life (plug your ears, Haven). We played this jumping game together and it entertained him for at least 20 minutes. He thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread (another phrase I do NOT understand. In other words; he thought it was GREAT hahah). He laughed SO hard; that deep belly laugh that only little kids can master perfectly, ya know.. the one that warms up your heart. Which made me laugh right along with him.

Then his sister, Ana came and sat with me during 'Oliver & Company'. She asked if she could hold Hav and so I said of course and I helped her hold him; she assured me that she was more than capable as she used to hold 'little Sammy' all the time; so cute haha. She then asked me if I knew Haven 'cause he seemed to really like me. I told her that yes, I did and that he's my baby. She looked up at me with the most confused look on her face and said:

"Really??? I didn't know that Mom's wore glasses!"

I laughed so. hard.

Is there anything better than little kidlets? I think not.

PS Miranda got Haven this super cute 'Ralph Lauren' onsie and I was SO excited for the day that he could wear it (it was 6 to 12 monthes) and he already fits into it! So when we went into town the other day I got to dress him up in it. Ahhhhh he's the most handsome critter you could ever imagine! Plus his smile is amazing :) Love him.

Angry Ralph Lauren baby

Happy Ralph Lauren baby :)

Haven is already sitting up (with assistance lol). He's been doing this side-ways smiling thing lately haha. It's like he's being shy; so cute!
PPS Goodnight blogging world; I'm so tired.


  1. I read your blog I just don't comment...I promise i'll get better :)

    I love those kids they always have something cute or funny to say. One time Sam wanted me to take him quadding and when I told him no he got so mad. He refused to take off his quadding helmet until Bishop got was a funny day :P

    Hav is getting so big!! Maybe over Christmas break I can come for a visit :)

  2. Oh my goodness he is getting big! I would love to see you! I feel for you man. Poor girl can't even find a second to spare apart from Christmas break :(.

    We should do something tottaly fun! Giant game of mission impossible in store possibly???