Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Mother. You must be kidding me."


Don't you adore days like today?

Oh my good heavens. Let me begin.

Woke up. Got Hav ready for Church. Left for Church and left Hav behind with Grandma so that I could go to choir. Went to choir. Got a phone call from Sara "Mom fell down the stairs, come home right away". Went home right away. Sat with my Mom and tried to keep her from falling unconsious (no fun at all). Called a friend to come help. Brad came. Brad took her to the Hospital. I left Haven with Sara so I could go to the Lethy Hospital. Realized half way into town that Haven needed food. No bottles. Called Jackie.

Got to the Lethy Hospital and asked for my Mom. My Mom wasn't in the system. Great. Jackie got Formula for Haven. So thankful! Jackie told me that Brad was home and he said that Mom was DEFINITELY at the Hospital. Snuck into the back emergency room and proceeded to snap at all of the nurses and Dr's in my most rude 'get things done' voice "WHERE IS MY MOTHER!"... "Mamn you are supposed to check in at the front desk"... "I was just there! I KNOW SHE IS HERE!!!".."Mamn she's just not in our system". Called Jackie again. Brad says Mom's at the Raymond Hospital. Snuck out of the emergency room the same way I snuck in (Jk nurses and Dr's idiot just happens to be my middle name).

Began the drive to Raymond. Got to the Raymond turn off. Gears on the stupid stick shift got stuck right on top of the train tracks. Great. Now I'm going to die. Screamed at the car in anger (will not repeat that part. inapropriate for the Sabath. whoops). Cried. Finally reafed on the stick shift hard enough to move it. Continued on my way to Raymond Hospital. Picked up my Momma!

Drove home. Got home. Laughed with my whole heart at the disgusted look Haven gave me whenever I tried to get him to finish his formula "Mother. You must be kidding me." He seemed to be saying. Apparantly babys don't enjoy change? Fed Haven :).

This is the face similar to the face I got when I got home and tried to feed him the rest of the formula lol!

Happy Haven after eating his real food :)

All in a days work.

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