Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Five hundred, Twenty-five thousand, Six hundred minutes

How do you measure, measure a year?

In day light

A beautiful sunny summer day <3

In sunsets

The sunrise the day before Haven was born :)

In midnights

In cups of coffee

It wasn't coffee... but I had to drink a whole lotta cups of water to come to believe the results of these puppies haha
 In inches

I definitely made the allotted 40 inches hahaha

8.13 and 19 3/4 inches long; minutes after his arrival :)

 In miles

Walking; miles and miles of walking
In laughter

My Chopstix family on my lasr day of work

and strife

Weston's Funeral </3

One year ago today I was laying on the cold floor of a Hospital room. My heart was a little bit shattered - It definitely wasn't the best night; not one bit.
I remember thinking that I could never possibly mend from so much sadness!
It was a terribly sad night.

But here I am... one year later... and happier than I've ever been in my life.
I learned from my experiences. I learned the importance of taking responsability for your own choices or mistakes... and also that no one can make you do anything; that if you choose to be a victim... well... simply put, you will be a victim.

All in all I made it through the year; I did mend; and I guess that's the point I'm writing this blog to express. Sometimes you just don't think that you're going to make it. And of course I still feel pain and mourn over that sad day... but it doesn't reach its boogey man fingers into every area of my life like it once did.

So much happens in a year. Time sometimes gives you the opportunity to laugh. Time brings about sad things too, like the death of my friend Weston. Time doesn't heal all wounds completely; I don't believe in that. But time helps you to come to terms with things. Time gives you time to learn and grow, inch by inch, stronger so that when you feel that pain, you understand a little better how to cope in the face of it.

And in the end...

time gives you time to realize over and over again how very beautiful life really is. 

Sometimes remembering that life is beautiful was my saving grace. I considered giving up on that belief a year ago; considered numbering myself among the lifeless, miserable human beings who have given up on the joy of life... but I found strength from a higher power and continued on in my belief that life really doesn't suck.

And now here I am, one year later, and time has given me the time to realize life's beauty all over again. 

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