Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not enough time

The title that I made for this post last night is 'Not enough time' and it is so truely fitting. I've been trying to do some other journaling and get that done. My laundry is (once again) turning into an ugly monster and climbing up the wall. Nothing is organized in my room. I just finished baking 6 dozen cookies for a Christmas party cookie exchange. And my poor little Haven has hardly had five seconds of my time besides when I was bathing him, changing him or feeding him.

Over whelmed, I am.

I do have quiet moments - I can't lie. But they mostly consist of laying with Haven because he refuses to sleep by himself.

He's gotten himself into this schedule lately. It's food time around 11 or 12. Then if the lights don't go out and I'm not laying down with him after he falls asleep nursing - he fusses for the rest of the night (leaving me a very frustrated Momma). He's very particular.

Oh well. He forces me to go to bed at a decent hour.

I'm going to a Blandin/Sumbot Christmas party tomorrow. We leave tomorrow at 10. BTW if I have to make that stupid Calgary trip one more time... I'm going to rip my hair out. JK I love my hair... but really. Five times in one month? We need cheaper transportation methods so we don't always have to drive there to pick people up.

Kesaia had her birthday party today. It was great.... (if you could hear my voice you would note the sarcasm).

It was NUTS. Eventually I just ran off to my Momma's room to hide in peace, away from all of those screaming children. But... I'm glad Kiss had a wonderful party :)

Anywho. I need to get back to my other journaling and so here is a few pics of the week.

A mad Hav after scratching his wittle face :(
A much happier Hav after Momma put his no scratch gloves back on... mmmm they taste good too :)

Oh look, I'm driving to Calgary

Ahahhahahah- Haven's fightin' face

Recyleable bags are great for lots of things;
1. Carrying groceries
2. Carrying baby blankets, travel stuff, soothers etc.
3. Carrying fat babies

One of those quiet moments :)

Oh look! We're driving to Calgary AGAIN!

This ol' guy needed to be picked up :)

I was on the phone and I couldn't talk to him and keep him entertained.
Haven thought this handsome new friend he found on top of Momma's dresser would work for a while. They had a pretty exciting conversation :)

A Birthday party, balloons, tons of unnecesary candy, cake and crafts.
Don't ya love 'em???

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