Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions of Twenty-One-One

1. Trust.

2. Study my scriptures morning and night.

3. Say my prayers morning and night.

4. Only watch one hour of tv a day.

5. Give every person I meet the benefit of the doubt and try seeing the best in... everyone.

6. Laugh uncontrollably once a week.

8. Do something productive every. single. day.

9. Let go of what I can. not. change.

10. Change... what I can change.

11. Forgive those who have or will use me; have or will  intentionally or carelessly hurt my heart.

12. Do something kind for someone once a day.

13. Be a good Mom.

14. Be the friend that my friends are to me (my friends are not jerks; they're awesome ha).

15. Try my hardest to treat others the way I want to be treated.

16. Take responsibility for me; my choices, my life, my failures, my strengths, my short comings, my moments of over coming.

17. Accept that I can not control other's choices.

18. Cry when I need to cry & remember that real strength is vulnerable.

19. Acknowledge 20 things that I'm grateful for every single day day plus write it down.

20. And last but most definitely not least... when I fail this list or anything in general... start again the next day.

"Never, never, never give up."
- Micheal Scott

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  1. my favorite is number 20. it's something that everybody needs to remember, especially me! and i love the michael scott quote, not just because it's from him lol.