Monday, January 17, 2011

Thinking outside of myself: Hope for Haiti :)

I went and purchased a blogging app for my I pod and wrote this blog on it. The app ended up being crap and it lost everything on me! I was so mad! But oh well, what can ya do.
I feel so guilty for not writing my December blog for this... But I was so busy! I'm still trying to get all of Haven's announcements out. Sara walked into my room while I was writing up some addresses last night and asked me what I was doing. I told her and she said:

"I don't understand haha! He's already like a little kid!"

A little bit of an exaggeration but, to say the least, I definitely am a baby anouncement/thank you card failure. Oh add in there clean room/laundry doing/cooking failure cause I suck pretty h core at those things too.

Ok; back in topic! I wander wayyyy to much.

The topic I chose for this months 'thinking outside of myself' blog is one that is quite close to my heart. It's a difficult thing for me to understand or comprehend on any real level as I am surrounded with so many blessings; what is it like to go without? Even the device I'm using to write this blog right now is proof of how much I truly don't get it.

The idea for this blog first came about while I was feeding Haven one evening. Just moments before I had been complaining a huge amount because the heat in the room I was in had been turned off. I bundled up in some blankies and I turned on the tv.

There was a program on and the hosts of the show were interviewing families in Haiti. There was the main host as well as a couple of translators.They were interviewing a woman who had been fairly well off before the earth quake hit. She had a husband who provided for her and her four children, a roof over her head and food to eat. You would have never known...

She now has nothing but her four hungry young children. No roof overhead, no food for supper time... her husband had been killed. Can you imagine the emotional trauma one would have to face in the death of a husband? Then add on top of that, responsibility for four children, all pleading for you to find them something to eat; anything, really.. just something. I cannot.

I sat there, wrapped in security within warm cozy blankets, feeding my fat baby boy. Plenty of food for both of us; enough and then some. The translator began to cry as she translated sentence after sentence; sentences that were full to the brim with hopelessness. A beautiful two year old baby boy waddled up into the view of the camera.There was something about his face that siezed my attention; pulled at my heart strings. Maybe it was the little boy in him; the part that reminded me of Haven. But he was gorgeous and I paid close attention to what followed.

The young mother was asked what he would be eating that night. Her reply?

"I don't know what he will eat tonight. I don't know what any of my children will eat."

How gorgeous is this child??? This isn't the one that I'm writing about but he reminded me of him <3

I've watched the "Donate now" shows before. You know the ones... women and men relentlessly trying to guilt you into donating your money to their organization. It always seems so rehearsed; so practiced. Practiced to the point of turning you off of it because you feel as if it's not even real. I feel guilty saying this out loud. I apologize if I come off as a Scrooge... because I would be the first to wish more prosperity for all. But this is honestly how I feel about most money mongering programs.

This one was different though. I think it was the rawness of it; the lack of acting that it took to make it. it was so real to me. As I was laying there with everything that I needed and everything that my child needed or could ever want for... there was a Mother across the world wondering:

"How will I feed my two year old son tonight? How will I feed my three other children? What. Am I. Going. To do?"

Worse still, I can't imagine Haven being sick and not being able to help him. Haven was sick over the Christmas holdays and we had to bring him in to the Hospital. It was his very first Hospital visit and I really didn't enjoy having him sick enough to take him to the Hospital; I was worried. He kept on having coughing fits and having trouble breathing. He ended up having bronchialitis.

The bed was a little big for him haha.

A sad Mommy :(

What if I didn't have a Hospital to go to? What if there were no Drs. I mean I was worried for Haven but I knew he wasn't going to die. I knew he'd be alright. What if. he was dying. and I couldn't. do. anything...?

This is an every day reality for hundreds upon hundreds of women and men in Haiti right now. My heart breaks for the woman in this picture. I don't know her, but my heart goes out to her. I was listening to the radio the other day as a man spoke of hundreds of dead bodies - children included - were brought to be burried, many unclaimed.

It breaks my heart.


What a frustrating thing that there are so many in the world that have so little, while others have everything and anything that they could ever want for, let alone need.

Its easy to brush off the call for help; just another country in need. One person can't change much... right? A little goes such a long way though! There are millions of organizations to which you can offer help to. Here is an awesome guide that offers pointers on how you can help and links to trusted organizations (sad to say, but there are tons of scams out there).

Let's all give Haiti some hope; let's fight for Haiti <3

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