Friday, January 14, 2011

What would 'Octo - Mom' do?

So this might be a short blog. But I had to get at least one in at some point in my life.

Right now my niece, Kesaia, is watching Goldi Locks and the three bears and entertaining Haven at the same time. So I must say that I can't complain.

I have a LOT of blogs in the writing right now and NOT a lot of blogs finished haha.

I had a surgery on Tuesday. I've officially concluded that the weirdest feeling in the world is going to sleep in one room... then waking up in another. Was so. not. fun. I came back into my room and any time that I moved even an inch I barfed everywhere. It was terrible. And my shoulders hurt! My shoulders hurt so badly you wouldn't believe! Why?? I donno... something about the air in my stomach pinching off a nerve.

The iv that they had to squiggle around and redo a million times!

Right now Haven is whining at me to pick him up; I can't pick him up :( I'm not allowed to pick him up for two weeks. I've resorted to super huge cuddle sessions whenever he gets really sad. I also have this system where I drag him off the bed and push him into his bouncy chair. Then I attach a dog leash to the bouncy chair and drag him around the house. greeeeeeeeeeeat hahahha. I'm allowed to do this right? Well. If I'm not... too bad! A Moms gotta do what a Moms gotta do.

Bad quality haha but this is our little contraption :)

He loves it.

I was watching Oprah Whinfry today and the Octo Mom was on. Man... I would hate being her and needing to get a surgery done. Seriously. How can you have 14 children and manage to not pick them up? I have no idea. I have no idea how she does it even if she hasn't had her gall bladder removed. You know it really irritates me that people hate her. Seriously. Get over it. Go ahead and disagree with her life choices; there's nothing wrong with that, but why hate someone you don't even know?

Now this is a gaggle of children hahaha

There's too much hate in this world for that kinda shiz.

My Mom's bringing home supper tonight; two guys and a pizza place! Mmmmmmm. But she won't be home for like half an hour. How much does that suck? I'm starvin'!

I think Haven's starvin' too :( feeding a baby that you aren't allowed to hold is actually pretty difficult. I usually just lay down beside him; but even this is getting hard. He's kicked me right where all my stiches are three times already and I so much don't look forward to it.

One of my 'less disgusting' stitch wounds... just for you!

Anyways. I can't ignore his starvingness forever.

So... goodbye blogging world - hello pain.

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