Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Natural Highs; Numb burrrrr 3 :)

sorry. no pics that have anything to do with the description of this blog hahaha.

A hot shower!

This is a hot topic. hahah. no pun intended ;) i kill myself ha...ha.

One of the reasons that I was so drawn to blogging about all of these topics was that they were all so random, but somehow all of the little points ment something unordinary and extraordinary to me.


First of all, I live in Canada and even more incredible than that, I grew up in Northern British Columbia; br, br, br. So obviously I love hot showers for the simple reason that they warm up my cold bones when I have to suffer through these long, cold, winters (that i totaly adore; don't get me wrong).

This is how I feel about the first snow of the winter.
i love it more than life

A thanks giving snow man! pretty sad looking, but this is a winter in Southern Alberta, not Northern British Columbia.

its the most wonderful time of the year

I have to be honest for a second; growing up, I was the biggest tom boy. I didn't brush my hair, I never wanted to shower, I spent all of my time with my horses or my animals at home - no, I did not even like brushing my teeth. grub.to.the.max.

tom-boy buddies <3

Then one day my parents had enough of my 'tom-boyness' and got on my back about acting more like a girl hahaha - showering EVERY DAY being one of those things. I can't believe i was such a grub hahahha.

I grew to love showers. haha.

I like being alone; I am a girl who is most definitely not fearful of solitude. And lemme tell ya: growing up in a house with 4 sisters, the occasional niece or nephew, birds of many different types - ducks, chickens (yes, we had chickens living in our house), love birds -, dogs, cats, and a really loud Dad - well let's just say there wasn't much solitude to be had (I don't mention my Mom because she's pretty chill and generally quite quiet; unless you get her angry that is, which takes a longgggg time and is really a whole other story hahahah).

this picture does 'a moment in the Sumbot family' a lot and a lot of justice hahaha

I loved going for runs late at night and I found special places where I could have a few moments of peace - where I could be alone when I needed to be.

But, when winter hit (and it did... every.single.year) I would sometimes become a little stir crazy. Going for a run in minus 40 wheather isn't fun for anyone - not my lungs that burned or my toes and fingers that quickley turned black -. So... what would I do to find my solitude, you ask? If the topic hasn't already gave it away... I would jump into the shower.

I sang in the shower - more like screamed songs at the top of my lungs - which on one occasion my sisters actually video taped hahaha,

I cried in the shower - sometimes you just need to have a good cry; no one can hear you and the tears just wash away - highly reccomended by me (this one comes with a warning though! sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on - recognise when you need that, because there's nothing wrong with needing someone) ,

I think in the shower - some of my life's biggest desicions have been made in the shower! -

I thought I was going to die in the shower when I had my first awful and undescribably painful contraction while in labor with Haven,

:(... ooooo it was worth it though... very worth it <3

I even sometimes pray in the shower.

I became comfortable in my own skin in the shower - I considered not writing about this one 'cause it's kind of wierd to write about but I think it's important - I don't have the 'perfect figure', my tummy is scarred with stretch marks galore and the occasional insicion mark, my legs are abnormally proportioned with the rest of my body (I could go on and on); but I love me and I don't cringe anymore when I look in the mirror. I don't need a magazine or movie to define my beauty - I define myself, and the description of the definition of 'me' surely doesn't only include the way my body looks. I believe our bodies are gifts and we should treat them that way; if I gave someone a gift, one of the most important things they could have, it would break my heart if they didn't understand it's worth. But... I guess I'm spending a lot of time on this one thing and teetering into an entirely different and individual future blog entry - I'll leave it at that;
'I'm comfortable in my own skin' :) 


hot showers

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