Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Natural Highs::: Number 2!

Laughing so hard your face hurts?

Ahhhh this is a good topic to speak about.

I have had so many of these moments but there is one girl who, when memories were had with her, I really rarely remember a moment when we were not laughing so hard our faces hurt.

She is just one of those characters who laughs at everything - yes, sometimes at things that probably shouldn't be laughed about (but everyone needs a little more of that I think).

Aubreyyyyy Fritz is her name :) middle name Elizabeth. And I do love her; I really do. We haven't talked in ages, but I still think of her often.

I'll have to narrow it down to two memories.

One was had in Grande Prarie, Alberta. We were at a friends house getting ready for a dance. We were waiting for some other friends to show up and we were getting more and more bored as the clock slowly tick-tocked. Sooooo we decided to have a dance party right then and there. We turned on 'Here in your arms' by HelloGoodbye as loud as it would go and we danced and danced and danced, like the two crazy fools we were (this is saying something about Aubrey Fritz because if you know me, you know I hate to dance.... but I LOVE to dance with Aubrey Fritz). At one point I swung back my head and in doing so whatever candy I had in my mouth choked me. I almost died. But it was the funniest thing. ever. and we laughed for so, so long.

How sad is it that I no longer have pictures of us together anymore? Sooooo I decided to be a creep and steal this off her fb :).. lovve you babe <3

Another occasion; dancing again (this girl just makes me want to dance!).

We were in Vancouver at the ferry station and had just finished a concert. It was late at night and there was no one else there. So we decided to reinact our 'Here in your arms' dancing sesh that we'd had in Grande Prarie and jumped up onto a giant table and danced and danced - this time we didn't even have the music, we just screamed the whole thing at the top of our lungs - . We got so carried away that we didn't realize some old lady had walked up and was watching us. She looked at us like the lunatics we were being and then hurried off as if she was scared of us or something.

We laughed untill our faces hurt.

Ahhhhhh I love you Ms. Fritz, I truly do.

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