Sunday, March 27, 2011

i love... me

I certainly did not forget about you my love :) sooooo excited that one of my besties, Beeeecky, tagged me in this 'blogging' thing that's been going around. I love my friend Becky. She is logical - not heartless, though. She's the very best person in the world for complimenting. Seriously... she makes me feel like a million dollars whenever we talk because every time we talk she tells me something that she loves about me. 

We should all learn a lesson from ms. sparks <3 (love you long time :)

This is hard! I have seriously been racking my brain trying to think of three things that I love about myself; I feel like passing it off to Becky hahaha. What'd ya think, my dear?!?! To be honest, I've kind of felt a huge wave of 'worthless' lately. I'm usually pretty comfortable in my own soul but, due to some unfortunate recent events! i kinda lost it a little bit.

i kinda made up my mind that i sucked. lol.

But... I am in charge of my own feelings; no one can make me feel anything without my permission. I am not a victim. So.

lemme tell ya a little bit i love about this girl right here ;)

here's the list of things!    

1. List three things that you love about yourself.
2. Post a picture that you love.
3. List five bloggers to whom you are passing this along.

1. I love that I am compassionate and empathetic. Sometimes it winds up hurting me a lot, as I consider all of the people in the world who are suffering. And sometimes it's a lot more difficult to 'block out' the pain of other's around me; sometimes it hurts more. But I wouldn't change it for anything. I love that I can see a friend who is hurting - or maybe someone who isn't even my friend - and I can be sensitive to their sorrows. It has also been a really key component of being able to forgive those who have hurt me - when I consider that they are possibly hurting to, it makes it all the more easier to just 'let go' of my own pain; even if they were the inflictors of it. I don't like hurting other people and when other people have hurt me in the past I've found myself being angry that I wouldn't or couldn't have done whatever they did to hurt me; maybe it would hurt less if I treated them the same? But I wouldn't really want that deep down & I know my worth; I know that I'm so much better than that... and I can proudly say that I don't regret not being able to consciously hurt other people. I embrace it.

2. I love my hair! Is that vain of me to say? Haha. I used to hate my hair; I used to wish for straight, smooth, hair that didn't frizz up when I brushed through it. But I've grown to love my hair. And reallly I love it so much. Straight is boring :) the curls add a little spunk to my life and I think my hair is beautiful. It's been one of those things that I used to think 'ahhh booooh; whhhhyyyyy???'.... and now I just love it. It makes me individual; it sets me apart.

3. I love that I am Christian :)... I thought 'hmmm maybe that's not really something that's me, exactly'... but how could I say that? My Christianity makes me who I am. I love that I have a knowledge of where I am going and where I came from; that I'm not just aimlessly walking around this big ball, not knowing why I'm here. I know why I'm here. I know that I have a Heavenly Father and Mother who love me soooo soo much. I know that I have an elder brother who walked through all of my sorrows and mistakes just so that I could come home again one day. I love being a Mother and I truly feel that one day long ago, before we all came to this earth, I sat down with my Haven and his Dad and Heavenly Father and we knew what life would bring; we knew what would happen. I was predestined to be his Mom. Heavenly Father trusts me with his beautiful son; how amazing is that? I love that Jesus Christ is my perfect example. I love that, if I follow Him, everything else will fall into place. I love that part of 'me'... it's the most important part of me.

i just spent hours trying to think of a picture to use. so im sticking with this one before i change my mind hahaha.
i love this place. i love the temple. and i love my family. i know that families are forever.

sorry just four for me :)

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