Thursday, March 17, 2011

I see your true colors; shining through

 “There was great joy both for the leaders in Japan and the leaders here as we were finally able to report that every missionary is safe and accounted for,” said Elder David F. Evans, an executive director of the Church's Missionary Department, who also spoke at the press conference.

I really was terrified to go on to the site and find out the answer to a question that's been in the back of my mind since I heard about the earth quake and tsunami in Japan. I was scared when the earth quake in Haiti hit; how could it be possible that not one single missionary serving there could not have been lost considering the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed? I really didn't think it was possible. Much to my joy they were all accounted for and safe. a miracle. 

Then an earth quake hit Chile. This one was more personal for me as I have a really close friend, Tanner, serving in Chile. I found out about the earth quake when I woke up in the morning and I waited and waited - pretty much holding my breath! - untill I had heard through his younger sister, Holly, that he was alright.

There were so. many. lives. lost. in Haiti and Chile and now... Japan.

I guess I feel some sort of connection with these people as well. My Mom served her mission in Japan and speaks of them in such an amazing light. I guess I grew to love them through her love for them.

Right after it happened Luke told me about the earth quake but I just thought it was any other earth quake; they have tons of them in Japan. Then a friend texted me and mentioned something about it... but again I didn't really understand. I didn't know the magnitude of what had happened and just brushed it off.

I woke up in the morning. The tv was on. I could hear Barrack Obama's voice coming out of it. He said something about his heart being broken. I opened my door and saw his sad face on the tv. I knew that something was very, very wrong.

my buddy, barrack

"What happened?" I asked.

Suddenly the tv switched to images of hundreds of homes litterally being swept away into the ocean. It was kind of surreal at first; like it was a movie or something. Then I realized something. Those are people's homes. There are people inside those homes... drowning.

nothing you can do to stop. it.

It's one of those moments, much similar to 9/11, that you just never. ever. forget.  

When I read the article above 10 minutes ago... well I won't lie... I just cried. They were tears of happiness that Heavenly Father protected the missionaries who are serving amongst the people there. 

these aren't the specific missionaries :) but these are good ones too. haha.

The joy is short-lived though... because I remember how many lives have been lost; how many hearts broken. I watched a woman standing in the rubble of where her home used to be. She kept on saying, through her tears:

"I'm alive. I survived. But I do not know... if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I do not know if being alive right now is good."

heart breaking
 My heart is breaking for these people! I feel so so helpless. Everyone!!! Let's give everything that we can. A little bit goes a long way. Pretty, pretty please!!! 

I am in awe at the calm and dignified way that these people are attempting to pick themselves up and rise again. They are concerned more for the overall well-being of their nation than they are for their individual lives. There are so many lessons that can be learned from these wonderful people.


Your true colors shine when in the face of heart break. These people reminded me that even when you are hurting in the most terrible of ways, you are still capable of holding your head high and holding your morals and values close to your heart.

i cant even imagine...

Your colors are beautiful.

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