Friday, March 18, 2011

tis the season; baby cows and mangled gophers

Spring is here.

The start of March wasn't so grand for me; but I am making a conscious effort to force the rest of the month to be absolutely amazing. There's not much I can't do when I put my mind to it. So... here goes.

it's time to shed the touques and warm jackets of winter

I set my alarm this morning! This, in and of itself, is actually amazing regardless of the time I set it too. I very rarely set my alarm these days. I decided at the beginning of February that I wanted to ease Hav into a sleeping schedule. I was to set the alarm for 9:00 am every morning. Slowly I decided that just sticking to 10:00 am was a more attainable goal. Then March came 'marching' in ha...ha. the whole alarm went out the window.

But! I'm done with laying in bed or feeling sorry for myself. I set my alarm this morning for 8:30 am so that I could make it to a child development class that I've been wanting to go to with a friend. I got our clothes ready the night before, went to bed at a decent time, and was ready and in the car with time to spare this morning.

Then I realized that I was an hour late - dang day light savings!!!

So... I missed the class lol.

Hav and I were already in the car so I decided to take a nice drive and go out for breakfast. I found something to eat and Hav and I went for a walk and found a nice bench in a park. We sat down and enjoyed the +7 temperature. The sun was shining on my back and Haven was content, taking in all of the amazingness that the world has to offer for a 7 month old baby's eyes.

letting the light come in and replacing the jackets with colorful flowery tank tops :)

Spring is here. And oh, how grateful I am for the beautiful reminder that, after a long and cold winter, new life can grow. And it does grow every. single. year.

soaking up the sun on 226 3rd st and replacing the touques with sunnies :)
how much do i love this picture?
so. much.

During the drive home I watched in the fields. Baby cows were running and jumping by their Momma's side. The plenty amount of live Gophers were mindlessly running in front of my car and giving me a heart attack as I swerve out of the way so as not to smoosh them; the dead ones, who are most unlucky, are mangled on the side of the road causing me to cringe.

<3 baby cows are the cutest

gophers are NOT... grrrrrrrrrrr

Yup, spring is here. I have so much to be thankful for. so. so. much.


  1. As weird as gophers are (and as gross as the "smooshed" ones are) I love seeing them cause its means its SPRINGTIME!!! <3

  2. so true lol... and with spring time... SUMMER!!!