Friday, April 29, 2011

Heyyyyy.... how are ya???

So last weekend we were driving through Lethbridge; Sara, Mom and Haven. Sara and I were sitting in the front, I was driving. Sara likes to have fun while she's sitting in the passenger seat. We pulled up to a stop light and there was a big white van to our right. When we pulled up to the van we got the man who was driving's attention and waaaaaaaaved at him with the biggest smiles on our faces.

Now the funny part of doing something like this is usually the looks of confusion that clearly say "Who are you and why are you waving at me???"

To our complete suprise the old hutterite man who was driving looked over and with the biggest smile on his face, waved back at us. Sara and I were then the ones with the confused look on our faces. It was priceless. And it was so unexpectedly refreshing.

He then proceed to roll down his window. Sara panicked; "What should I do?!"... "I dunno! Just roll down your window too!" I was laughing so soooo hard. I rolled down her window.

Sara said "Heyyyy.... how are ya?" he told us good and then asked how we were in his thick German accent. Sara is hopeless with accents so he had to repeat everything he said probably five times. And also Sara and I were laughing hysterically so it's a wonder that he understood anything that we were saying. He had a van full of kids and his wife was sitting in the passenger seat and they were all laughing hysterically as well. 

It was just so funny. Something soooo simple was sooo funny. 

I love my little sister. I love people who are unexpectedly kind and friendly. Of course I have to teach Haven the whole 'now you don't everrr ever EVER talk to strangers' bit. But I sure don't think that there's anything at all wrong with spreading a little love with a big giant smile :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful to Him

Beautiful to Him
by: Rachel Thibodeau

so much noise, so much peace destroyed,
i can hardly hear the voice, leading me through the void,
so much noise.
the world's little lies,
destruction in disguise, opportunities to compromise,
to make me 'beautiful' in their eyes,
but i'm not gonna buy the world's little lies.

'Cause I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.
I'm refined by His divine intentions every day I live.
It doesn't matter what the world believes,
or what they say that'beauty' means,
It comes from within,
I want to be beautiful
to Him.

He's given me His trust, so I'll be strong enough,
To run from a dangerous touch, I don't need that kind of love,
I don't need that crutch,
He's given me His trust.
I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.
I'm refined by His divine intentions every day I live.
It doesn't matter what the world believes,
or what they say that 'beauty' means,
It comes from within,
I want to be beautiful to Him.

I know how to shine, my life's not really mine.
It's not about a worldly climb, it's all about His design.
So in His eyes, I want to shine.

'Cause I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.
I'm refined by His divine intentions every day I live.
it doesn't matter what the world believes,
or what they say that'beauty' means,
It comes from within,
I want to be beautiful to Him.

I want to live to have His peace,
And feel the holiness He sees.
It comes from within.
I want to be beautiful...

cardston 2011

to Him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My most important job

I cannot believe that this time of the month has rolled around once again.
This blog is steadily becoming one of my favorites of the month because I get to talk about my favorite person in the whole world!

Haven is 8 months old today. I cannot believe that 8 months ago I was laying in a hospital bed right now, marveling at this little boy; and truly that's no understatement.

I remember leaving the delivery suite and heading off to my room. Everything had been a blur at the end. And then I was in the hospital bed, in my room and everything was quiet and I was more tired than I had ever been in my life...

and there was a little bundle of wrapped up baby right there next to me.

It was so surreal.

It felt odd not having him right there with me as I had grown accustomed to for the past 9 months.

And then today even more odd to imagine than that, is to think about a time when Haven wasn't a part of my life.

I don't remember what it feels like to not have him be such a huge part of my soul.

He is my purpose. I mean what did I even waste my time thinking about before him?

I must have had so much more time on my hands...

He was up there waiting to come and meet me :)

I'm sure he had a good time watching me fumble around right before that most huge and amazing moment of realizing that he was on his on his wayyyyy to meet me.

My life, world... everything changed after that moment.

And I wouldn't dare go back;
not for anything :)


this was taken about a month before Haven was in my tummy! so wierd to think...
this is also my last job before the most important job of my life;
being a mom :)
to now

you are the light
that reminds me
there is always hope in tomorrow
and even today

Monday, April 25, 2011

angels up above rejoiced

On this beautiful day...

I am grateful for my Savior.

I am grateful that He loves me unconditionally.

I am grateful that He provided a way for me to return home again one day.

I am grateful that, against all odds, He overcame every single hurt and pain in this whole wide world.

I am grateful that He always walks with me along some of the lonliest paths of my life.

I am grateful that He carries me when I am not strong enough to go any farther.

I am grateful that He allows me to struggle in my pain sometimes; I learn so much when walking in the scariest bits.

I am grateful for His wonderful earthly Mother who guided him towards righteous paths.

I am so grateful that He saved me;

and that on this day many years ago

angels up above rejoiced...

'He is risen! He is risen! Tell it out with joyful voice.
He has burst
His three days' prison;
Let the whole wide earth rejoice.
Death is concquered;
man is free.

Christ has won
the victory.'

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birth Mother Appreciation; the best things in life

I've written about these two girls previously here in this blog. I love them both to bits. Their names are Dallas and Ashley :)

Here are their blogs concerning this topic here: Dallas and Ashley.

Ashley, in what I consider to be a truly inspired way, suggested to Dallas and I that we begin an 'organization' of sorts to help girls and women who find themselves in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy. Growing up I knew a lot of women who found themself in this position. I've seen almost every single variation that you could possibly think of.

When I was 19 years old I found myself in this situation myself (which is how I know Dallas and Ashley). It was a scary thing; and that's an understatement. I've learned so much and grown in ways that I couldn't have ever imagined because of it, though. And duh... do I even need to mention how much I love my beautiful son??? I'm pretty sure that's just a given.

one of our debut pictures :)

The best things in life come at the greatest cost sometimes <3

Which is why I am in love with this idea that Ashley has. I feel so passionately about it. Two years ago I watched a birth mother give her son to his loving family. It is something that is such a huge part of me. And one day when I work up the courage/come to terms with the perfect words to talk about it, I'll share a little bit of my feelings concerning this amazing birth mother and others that I know.

I am so excited to meet with Dallas and Ashley in a couple of weeks to brain storm things we can do. The idea is providing a basket of things for a birth mother, dependant upon what she chooses. She may choose to place, she may choose to single parent, she may choose to raise baby with baby daddy. The plan is to tailor a basket just for her; lists of women that she can talk to, testimonials of other women, quotes, songs, gift certificates, things for comfort and relaxation. And in the end... really just a reminder that no matter how 'alone' they may be... they are not really alone at all.

And whoso recieveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, 
and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. 
- Doctrine and Covenants 84:88

I am so, so, so unbelievably excited about this project.

Monday, April 18, 2011

grateful for all the wonderful love

What an amazing week? It was so wonderful.

The middle of the week I went to the temple with my sister, Mom and Dad. I am so grateful for a Temple that is only forty five short minutes away from me. It was wonderful.

a forty five minute drive which is made so much shorter with my best friend :)
i pod
ps i LOVE this belt!!!

And while I was there I met some wonderful people! They invited me over for supper after we were finished baptisms; how kind is that??? I went and ate supper with them while I waited for the rest of my family to get out of the Temple; we just visited and it was so nice. I was walking back to the Temple from their house and couldn't help but think of how grateful I am to be surrounded by such kind people.

so. grateful.

On Friday I went to a YSA fireside that Richard G Scott spoke at. For those who don't know who I'm talking about, he is an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints :) (my church).

I know that I write so often about my religion but I just can't help it! It's every thing to me. Truly, what would I be without it? I wouldn't be what I am today, that I know.

It was just such an amazing experience. His testimony of the Savior was so powerful. His complete love for life was so amazing. This man has suffered some sad moments. His wife passed away from cancer and he has had children who have passed away as well. He spoke of the moment when he realized that his wife was gone; how heart breaking that was. Yet, he still has a shining hope and such strong faith.

That is something to be desired. I wish that I could have such unwaivering faith. I feel so blessed to have been in the presence of such a humble and wonderful man. I am so grateful.

the light of Elder Scott shining down on me ;)
jk lol
this was right before i went and saw him though!
at sar's rugby game

Then there was another YSA fireside sunday evening that I went to with my little sister, Sara. It was also wonderful! The talks were amazing and I just felt so happy in my heart after it was over.

And so grateful that I have so many amazing teachers surrounding me.

Sara and I had to go to the Emergency because she hurt her hand playing rugby and it was beginning to resemble a balloon... not good I don't think? Anyways. We sat there waiting and waiting. Sara got some food out of the vending machine; it got stuck inside and the security gaurd had to nearly knock it over to get her chips for her. We laughed SO hard. Then we just sat and talked. It was so good to just talk.

my wittle sister :)
and my brown eyed boy

After this, I couldn't help but think how grateful I am for my family. I just love my family.

sooooo me and sara definitely put on the fake bellies while tamera was trying on jeans on thyme maternity
this is what we would look like if all three of us were pregnant at the same time!
hahaha. sara you're hot.

I just love this world.

it's hurt my heart a lot; and i'm sure that it will again in the future.


I love life. I love this world. I just love. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let me be the person my dog thinks I am

So. I'm just going to be honest for a second. I am in love with my puppy and I refer to him as 'my son'... what's it to you?!

Which is why I celebrate his birthday with him every year :)

Kennedy Teddy Sumbot (yes! I gave him a middle name!)

He is 11!

He's getting old, and this makes me sad.

He just had to have a surgery last month and is doing so much better than he was before.

Kenny is one of my very best friends :)

He loves me when I look like a chipmunk.

He forgives me when I get angry at him - and even when I lose my temper he still tries to catch some snuggles 5 seconds later.

He loves being with me. Is that lame of me to say? I just love how he is vying for my attention every second.

I love that love is free when it comes to animals - just unconditioned.

Kenny's life <3

this is kenny's beautiful momma with sara and i
we bought her as a puppy and had her for years until one day she bit one of my nieces - she had to go
we gave her to a loving home but she kept running away from them back to us!
whenever she would come home kenny would be SO excited to see her...
it was way to heart breaking how sad he was when she left :(

this isn't kenny!
sadly enough i don't have any pics of him on my computer
but this is just what he looked like :)
he had a brother and a sister - missy and bryce

kenny is terrified of most anything - im suprised he would even go near my bunnies
we bought a new kitten once and on one occasion we found kenny cornered in the bath tub while the kitten was hissing at him; a gentle soul lol!

kenny loves going to work with my dad :)
(even though his momma would miss him so much!)
and taking rides in helicopters!

kenny hates baths :(
he hates water (unless it's hot out)
and he cries. and cries.

kenny loves snow!

kenny loves playing in the snow!
kenny is so embarrassed when he is shaved in the summer!
it's good for him, though.

kenny loves kisses :)

kenny thought my ever growing belly for nine monthes was pretty interesting
especially when he was resting his head on it and a little haven would kick him!
(don't mind my fat belly lol)
kenny HATES thunderstorms :(
even worse than baths!
i have to snuggle up with him and cover his ears and he shakes and cries and cries

kenny is so gentle with haven! i swear haven could rip his ear right off and he would sit there suffering through it!

Happy 11th Birthday to my favorite puppy,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't forget it

Please don't forget it

that everything I do,
it's for you.

Please don't forget it

that I try my very hardest to give you the best,
I'll give my best to you.

Please don't forget it

that the choices that I make,
they're all for you.

Please don't forget it

that everything I am,
it's because of you.

Please don't forget it

that I didn't know what love meant,
until I carried you.

Please don't forget it

that I'll never stop; no matter what
I'll never stop loving you.

never, ever

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just... fine

im trying to decide what to do with my life right now.

There are so many choices to be made!

To vacation or not to vacation?

College or University?

Sweats or Jeans??? (probably the most important ;)

This program or that program?

Here or there?!

Comfort or difficulty? (I believe difficulty is good sometimes, for those who are kind of like 'ummm that's a no-brainer')

Lunch or no lunch? Breakfast or sleep? (breakfast is apparantly the most important meal of the day...)

this picture represents my biggest fear.
making desicions

Decide what to do with my life or waste my time blogging???

This blog is the answer to that question.


I was talking to a friend the other day.

I was talking to him about some pretty important choices in my life.

I told him that I was completely terrified.

What if this? Or what if that?
What if, what if, what if?

He looked at me with reassurance and without hesitation said;

'Your Heavenly Father won't let you down, Megan. He just won't do it. So try your hardest to know what He wants for you and if you get it wrong from time to time, He'll put those road blocks in front of you; He'll stop you. And He won't let you take the wrong road. It just won't happen.'

you and me against the world, bubba-roo
and we'll be

Monday, April 11, 2011

i'm addicted; AND easter is here!!!

I am completely addicted to blogging right now.

I just love. putting together words and pictures and being able to look through it. I love. journals. SO MUCH. I have so many journals, you wouldn't believe it. I love writing.

Can you guess that my favorite subject was english? I love words. I love writing a good letter.

I love pictures. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I tote my little camera around with me where ever I go. If you're anywhere near me, you better get used to the flash of a camera. Because I'm all over that!

a snuggle with mommy :)
he likes me even though my cheeks are STILL swollen <3

Today has been a pretty uneventful day. Monday is family night and so we all spend it together.

mattie: "ahhhhhh! he's so annoying! but so cute! just look at him; he's so cute!"
mattie has mixed emotions about babies, lol
he loves 'im.
i just know it.

even when he cracks all his easter eggs in half and completely ruins mattie's perfectly counted precision

With Easter poking it's head around the corner we got into the mood by fashioning baloons into 'easter eggs'. We used a mixture of sugar and raw egg and pasted it all over our baloons. Then we wrapped the baloons - around and around and around - with pastel yarn. The idea is that the sugar mixture will cement over night and then we will pop the baloons in the morning and have beautiful pastel colored easter eggs! Hopefully this little expirement is succesful :)


this one's mine :)
i know.
mad. skill.

In the mean time our kitchen kind of looks like some giant spiders came and trapped their giant fly preys and hung them from the light fixture haha.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy birthday, beautiful sister :)

It is the birthday of my beautiful sister, Tamera today :)

A little about Tamera;

What do I LOVE about Tamera!

Her determination. She has one of the strongest wills of anyone I know (sometimes this translates into a stubborn, argumentative trait; but wonderful all the same haha!)

so. this picture is pretty much 100 years old. crazy.

She is so hard-working! When Tamera sets her mind to something, she does it and doesn't give up.

me, kesaia, and tamera :)

She has a wonderful husband! I love Mone. They are so good together.

and how handsome is he?! ps nice face sara... ha

She laughs when it doesn't seem like a 'laughing moment'. She's taught me that a 'laughing moment' can occur at any time.

the hoo doos!

She is an amazing Mother. Her and Mone are going to have another beautiful baby in July! Kesaia is so much like her Mother - it's insane. She must've done something right :)

i like how they're pretty much identical lol...

She is so responsible. Whenever something within our little family unit needs to be taken care of, she makes sure that it gets done.

michelle, me, tanis and tamera :)
she's got us covered <3

She likes 'Wok Box'. I have butter chicken on my mind... I couldn't resist lol.

she is also an amazing auntie :)

She doesn't judge 'the least of them'. Tamera is accepting of human beings who people wouldn't normally be accepting of.

i know she'll appreciate this picture..

She takes care of seniors for a living; how much more kind can you get than that?

she is beautiful :)

All in all, I love Tamera :).

Sometimes we snap at each other and sometimes when we argue I feel like poking her eye out and probably vice versa... but I love her as much as a pregnant lady loves cupcakes.


a thankful heart is a happy heart

i'm not in a very good head space right now. so... i think i need to write a 'thank you' list. i'm just going to keep writing until i cannot think of anything else :)

I am thankful for;

the two beautiful children that my family has adopted/sponsers - Milimo and Taonga. I didn't know that I could love someone so much that I do not even know.

I am thankful for;

my beautiful sister, Tamera who is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. She makes me laugh - sometimes her timing is inapropriate... but who doesn't need an inapropriately timed laugh every once in a while?


I am thankful for;

friends who remind me that they see something beautiful in me, even when I feel far, far from beautiful. I hope that I tell all of them enough how amazing... how beautiful they are. 

I am thankful for;

Richard G Scott. I'm going to be meeting him in a week. How excited am I for this occasion? So. so. excited.

I am thankful for;

music. What more can you say about it? It's simply amazing.

I am thankful for;

Willis. Willis is my piano, for those who are wondering. Whenever something sad or difficult happens in my life I always end up turning to Willis :) I'm starting to learn that I should just do it right off the bat - before I retaliate in anger, before I break down, before I waste my energy... just sit down with Willis for a while.


I am thankful for;

my education and the plenty amount of further education that I have at my finger tips. I know that I take it completely for granted.

I am thankful for;

my scriptures. They are worn, colored in, torn in some places, dog-eared, crumpled in some places, water stained in some places. I guess this just goes to show how much I use them; how much I loooove them.

I am thankful for;

my sisters. Each and every one of them. Tanis, Tamera (double mention!), Michelle, and Sara <3

the baby, sara :) she's a stunnah... even when she's hugely pregnant lol

stunning. we. are. stunning.

I am thankful for;

my couch. This one's pushin' it. I've been sleeping on the couch every night... I thought to complain about it the other night. And well, I think I should think twice before doing that. It's a lot better than a card board box.

I am thankful for;

the homeless man standing outside of the 'rascal flats' concert who made me realize how much I have when I handed him a 10 dollar bill... he fell to the ground and burst into tears (shortly followed by my own), repeating over and over again 'thank you, thank you so much, thank you so much'.

I am thankful for;

friends who are honest enough to tell me when I need to forgive someone who's hurt me - that way I can heal.

I am thankful for;

friends who forgive me. Because I am most definitely far, far, far (pretty much the farthest thing) from perfect.

this is how i feel about my friends forgiving me :)

I am thankful for;

Canada, eh? (It's actually hilarious that we are known for 'eh' hahaha. I am going to count tomorrow to see how many times I use that word) I love my home. All the way from the 'stanley cup' play offs to the 'calgary stampede' fireworks and late nights :)

flames all the way, babeh!

how beautiful is this land? so.
ps i took this picture. just sayin.

I am thankful for;

an amazing son. K guys. This list is officially not in order of what I am most thankful for. What would I do without this sweet boy who teaches me something new every. day. I am alive?

and now. i am so so tired! so i am going to go and curl up on my warm comfy couch and have a wonderful (nightmare-free ;) sleep!