Friday, April 8, 2011

5 parts less


this year i have welcomed 2 surgeries! (if you count wisdom teeth removal as a surgery haha).

i had my gall bladder removed innnn january... i think?

my giant bandage! it covered my whole tummy!

and i had my wisdoms removed at the beginning of april (yesterday).

pretty much the hottest girl you've ever seen?
i think so.

i was actually horrified when i looked at this picture.
at least i can laugh at my ugly self.

Haven still thinks i'm beautiful :)

i would like to not have another surgery for a lonnnnggggg while.

it's funny that your body has parts that you don't actually need... and that actually wind up hurting you. wisdom teeth caused me insaneeeee head aches. my gall bladder caused me unbearable gall bladder attacks - i wouldn't wish that pain on anybody - it sucked!

but. i am now less 4 wisdom teeth and 1 gall bladder. and im experiencing a lot less pain because of it.

though the removal of these parts that were hurting me is painful itself, i've got drugs to help remedy that.

much appreciated.

drugs. are. good. (when necessary of course :)

I have an analogy (and I know you're just dying to hear it ;) - sometimes in life we stumble upon things that are part of us, but are causing us more hindering than helping. It's painful to let go of bad habbits, addictions, etc. (like wisdom teeth and gall bladders; who needs 'em, really?) but with the help of prayer (medication ;) you can overcome that pain.
And in the end you will be so much happier for it.

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  1. drinking timmies as I read this and thinking of how right you are and how I just don't wanna give up the bad habits ;-) you're awesome Meg. Love ya