Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy birthday, beautiful sister :)

It is the birthday of my beautiful sister, Tamera today :)

A little about Tamera;

What do I LOVE about Tamera!

Her determination. She has one of the strongest wills of anyone I know (sometimes this translates into a stubborn, argumentative trait; but wonderful all the same haha!)

so. this picture is pretty much 100 years old. crazy.

She is so hard-working! When Tamera sets her mind to something, she does it and doesn't give up.

me, kesaia, and tamera :)

She has a wonderful husband! I love Mone. They are so good together.

and how handsome is he?! ps nice face sara... ha

She laughs when it doesn't seem like a 'laughing moment'. She's taught me that a 'laughing moment' can occur at any time.

the hoo doos!

She is an amazing Mother. Her and Mone are going to have another beautiful baby in July! Kesaia is so much like her Mother - it's insane. She must've done something right :)

i like how they're pretty much identical lol...

She is so responsible. Whenever something within our little family unit needs to be taken care of, she makes sure that it gets done.

michelle, me, tanis and tamera :)
she's got us covered <3

She likes 'Wok Box'. I have butter chicken on my mind... I couldn't resist lol.

she is also an amazing auntie :)

She doesn't judge 'the least of them'. Tamera is accepting of human beings who people wouldn't normally be accepting of.

i know she'll appreciate this picture..

She takes care of seniors for a living; how much more kind can you get than that?

she is beautiful :)

All in all, I love Tamera :).

Sometimes we snap at each other and sometimes when we argue I feel like poking her eye out and probably vice versa... but I love her as much as a pregnant lady loves cupcakes.


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  1. Blogging fever - highly contagious!

    In regards to Easter.. Ummm can I say excited?! And not only for Bali but the Easter Bunny! Unfortunately I'm my own Easter Bunny this year. Lindt chocky bunnies coming my tummies way. Nom nom nom :)