Friday, April 29, 2011

Heyyyyy.... how are ya???

So last weekend we were driving through Lethbridge; Sara, Mom and Haven. Sara and I were sitting in the front, I was driving. Sara likes to have fun while she's sitting in the passenger seat. We pulled up to a stop light and there was a big white van to our right. When we pulled up to the van we got the man who was driving's attention and waaaaaaaaved at him with the biggest smiles on our faces.

Now the funny part of doing something like this is usually the looks of confusion that clearly say "Who are you and why are you waving at me???"

To our complete suprise the old hutterite man who was driving looked over and with the biggest smile on his face, waved back at us. Sara and I were then the ones with the confused look on our faces. It was priceless. And it was so unexpectedly refreshing.

He then proceed to roll down his window. Sara panicked; "What should I do?!"... "I dunno! Just roll down your window too!" I was laughing so soooo hard. I rolled down her window.

Sara said "Heyyyy.... how are ya?" he told us good and then asked how we were in his thick German accent. Sara is hopeless with accents so he had to repeat everything he said probably five times. And also Sara and I were laughing hysterically so it's a wonder that he understood anything that we were saying. He had a van full of kids and his wife was sitting in the passenger seat and they were all laughing hysterically as well. 

It was just so funny. Something soooo simple was sooo funny. 

I love my little sister. I love people who are unexpectedly kind and friendly. Of course I have to teach Haven the whole 'now you don't everrr ever EVER talk to strangers' bit. But I sure don't think that there's anything at all wrong with spreading a little love with a big giant smile :)

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