Monday, April 11, 2011

i'm addicted; AND easter is here!!!

I am completely addicted to blogging right now.

I just love. putting together words and pictures and being able to look through it. I love. journals. SO MUCH. I have so many journals, you wouldn't believe it. I love writing.

Can you guess that my favorite subject was english? I love words. I love writing a good letter.

I love pictures. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I tote my little camera around with me where ever I go. If you're anywhere near me, you better get used to the flash of a camera. Because I'm all over that!

a snuggle with mommy :)
he likes me even though my cheeks are STILL swollen <3

Today has been a pretty uneventful day. Monday is family night and so we all spend it together.

mattie: "ahhhhhh! he's so annoying! but so cute! just look at him; he's so cute!"
mattie has mixed emotions about babies, lol
he loves 'im.
i just know it.

even when he cracks all his easter eggs in half and completely ruins mattie's perfectly counted precision

With Easter poking it's head around the corner we got into the mood by fashioning baloons into 'easter eggs'. We used a mixture of sugar and raw egg and pasted it all over our baloons. Then we wrapped the baloons - around and around and around - with pastel yarn. The idea is that the sugar mixture will cement over night and then we will pop the baloons in the morning and have beautiful pastel colored easter eggs! Hopefully this little expirement is succesful :)


this one's mine :)
i know.
mad. skill.

In the mean time our kitchen kind of looks like some giant spiders came and trapped their giant fly preys and hung them from the light fixture haha.

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