Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let me be the person my dog thinks I am

So. I'm just going to be honest for a second. I am in love with my puppy and I refer to him as 'my son'... what's it to you?!

Which is why I celebrate his birthday with him every year :)

Kennedy Teddy Sumbot (yes! I gave him a middle name!)

He is 11!

He's getting old, and this makes me sad.

He just had to have a surgery last month and is doing so much better than he was before.

Kenny is one of my very best friends :)

He loves me when I look like a chipmunk.

He forgives me when I get angry at him - and even when I lose my temper he still tries to catch some snuggles 5 seconds later.

He loves being with me. Is that lame of me to say? I just love how he is vying for my attention every second.

I love that love is free when it comes to animals - just unconditioned.

Kenny's life <3

this is kenny's beautiful momma with sara and i
we bought her as a puppy and had her for years until one day she bit one of my nieces - she had to go
we gave her to a loving home but she kept running away from them back to us!
whenever she would come home kenny would be SO excited to see her...
it was way to heart breaking how sad he was when she left :(

this isn't kenny!
sadly enough i don't have any pics of him on my computer
but this is just what he looked like :)
he had a brother and a sister - missy and bryce

kenny is terrified of most anything - im suprised he would even go near my bunnies
we bought a new kitten once and on one occasion we found kenny cornered in the bath tub while the kitten was hissing at him; a gentle soul lol!

kenny loves going to work with my dad :)
(even though his momma would miss him so much!)
and taking rides in helicopters!

kenny hates baths :(
he hates water (unless it's hot out)
and he cries. and cries.

kenny loves snow!

kenny loves playing in the snow!
kenny is so embarrassed when he is shaved in the summer!
it's good for him, though.

kenny loves kisses :)

kenny thought my ever growing belly for nine monthes was pretty interesting
especially when he was resting his head on it and a little haven would kick him!
(don't mind my fat belly lol)
kenny HATES thunderstorms :(
even worse than baths!
i have to snuggle up with him and cover his ears and he shakes and cries and cries

kenny is so gentle with haven! i swear haven could rip his ear right off and he would sit there suffering through it!

Happy 11th Birthday to my favorite puppy,

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