Wednesday, May 18, 2011

burnt. out. & a Brighter Day

My 'thinking outside of myself' blogs are always near and dear to my heart. But the topic that I'm writing about today has pretty huge signifigance to me.

I'll start off by saying a little bit about myself ('cause I know you're dying to hear it ;). I have trouble letting go of anything. I keep movie tickets from years ago, I collect rocks that I don't quite remember why I have but maybe one day the memories of these random rocks I keep will come back to me (?) and then I will be ever grateful that I kept them. My theory is; when in doubt, keep it. And lemme tell ya... I'm in doubt a lot of the time (maybe this aids in my complete panic whenever I have to make desicions. seriously. i. lose. my. head. over the smallest desicions. the biggest desicions... well let's not even talk about my horror at making those ones).

Now. with that being said...

there is a little town called Slave Lake in Canada. and at the beginning of this week a forest fire raged through it, destroying so much in it's path. Some people have lost their entire homes. The entire place was evacuated. There are no fatalities thus far (thank. goodness).

First of all... this story kind of hits home for me. I have friends there who I really do care about a lot. So it was personal to me; I was concerned for them. The thought of having to just... put some clothes in a bag, pack up Haven in a car, and walk away from my home, not really having much hope that it would be there when I came back... well that just breaks my heart - I mean really... I can't even let go of my rocks and movie stubs much rather my entire home.

my piano, Willis (yup. my piano has a name), would be gone </3,
the 'family heights' wall where my family measures everyone's growth... that would be gone,
Haven's beautiful baby room would be gone with it his little feet impressions, pictures, baby books, first onsie, first blanket to be wrapped in... gone,
the vanity that my parents suprised me with one Christmas would be gone (it's my favorite thing in the world <3),
the rooms where my family had developed so many memories - laughing together, crying together, fighting together - they would all be gone...

And then. after having to cope with the emotional trauma of everything I have simply being gone... I cannot imagine the fear of having nothing. The amount of stress that I would feel having Haven and being evacuated to somewhere else and knowing that I had to work tooth and nail to re-establish my life... I just cannot imagine it! And when I heard of what was happening in Slave Lake and I actually tried to imagine it, I cried and cried for the people who actually are living through something so heart breaking.

I know that red cross is accepting donations - and another great idea is just to get together anything that you can to donate. There are places everywhere that are organizing drop offs and pick ups to bring or recieve donations. Let's all work together to help out this little town who's lost so very much <3

We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving

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  1. you're such a good person..seriously. save some goodness for the rest of us :)