Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have a dream


I let go of my dreams... for a long time I had convinced myself to just let go of my dreams.

How sad is that?

But I did.
I let go of them, walked away, and shut the door -rather, slammed the door - in their face.
'who needs you? all you do is give me false hope. all you do is break my heart.'

Last night I had an actual dream
- (I hesitate to bring this up, so that you don't all think that I'm the crazy.lame.wierdo who makes life's choices based on dreams... lol; please be assured that I do not) -
It was the best dream! I was happy in my dream and I really was 'living the dream'
I was just... happy. That's really the main thing that I remember.

And when I woke up I realized something.
I've been so afraid of asking for what I want;
of asking for a 'dream come true'
because I had had those dreams dashed and crumbled far too many times.
I decided to live in a world of
'settling for second best'
'don't hope for too much and you won't be hurt too much'

I'm done with living life like that.
I'm going to dream big; ridiculously big
I'm going to take advantage of every.single. opportunity
I'm going to give Haven all of the dreams that he could ever imagine

I do have a dream.
And dreams are hard to grab onto
they're hard to hold

isn't everything that's worth anything...
 worth a good hard fight???

this boy right here... has taught me how to dream; he has taught me that 'dreams really do come true'; and that everything worth anything is worth a fight

Here I come big dreams.
and anyone who's in my way best move out of my way real quick like
'cause I'm not stoppin' for no one.

"there has never been anything false about hope"
-barack obama

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