Saturday, July 9, 2011

super fantastic!

Some things that have made my life 'super fantastic' lately:

1. Sammi's usage of the words 'super fantastic' in every single sentence; there is nothing that is not 'super fantastic' in her books. lol.

2. Harry Potter movie marathons.

3. The fact that I have a job.

4. My amazing family who helps me as much as they can during the hard times.

love. love. love

5. The question game; this one's a life saver. really. lol.

6. My new nephew (who is getting a specific blog once I get pics uploaded :).

6. And last, but not least, SLEEP! Which I am in dyer needs of at the moment.


ps. how could i not mention Haver?
Haven is a weebly wobbely little walker these days :)


o i just love him.
so much.

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