Monday, August 29, 2011

happy birthday to my favorite boy

It's late, but it's here!

My '25 blog'... that's what I'm talking about :)

And... it is the most special 25 post yet!

Haven is one year old! Haven and I were in Rexburg for his Birthday for a friend's wedding. His Birthday was a day before the wedding but I made sure to gather together a Birthday boy cake, party hats (the only ones were Dora the Explorer! So lame lol! Oh well), candles and all the fixings. He didn't exactly know how to blow out the candles but he got some help from his Auntie Georgie.

auntie georgie blowing out the candles for him :)

As I sat there watching him with two of my best friends, Georgie and Chelsea, and Georgie's fiancee (now husband ;) Aaron, I couldn't help but feel so much love for this little boy. He has so many people in his life who love him! 

he was so hesitant lol! im sure he was in awe that i was actually allowing him to eat this gob of sugar!
he needed help getting into it :) georgie and i assisted.
mmmm! kisses for auntie chelsea!

Haven has been such a blessing in the lives of all those around him. This past year has been the most wonderful year of my life as I have grown to love him more and more every day. 

morning nap with auntie chely :)

He has just learned how to wave 'bub-bye' when someone leaves. He lifts up his little hand and moves his arm up and down with his hand flopping back and forth. It's adorable. 

taking a break during one of our many travels this summer!

He has also learned how to bite. Haven is SUCH a little biter! The other day I leaned in to give him a kiss. He normally just gives me a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss but got a little carried away at the end and bit into my lips so hard! When I tell him 'no, that's bad to do, Haven!' he begins laughing hysterically. Which results in me laughing at him; I try to cover my mouth so my disciplining him isn't completely lost, but it generally doesn't work.

a succesful kiss.

more travels from the airport with chely!

I was busy taking photos at the wedding and so Haven needed to be taken care of during the reception and after the temple ceremonies. His Auntie Chelsea soaked up time with him. He also fell in love with Georgie and Chelsea's brothers, Josh and Stuart! There were so many times that I would look over and catch glimpses of him laughing hysterically at something they were doing.

the beautiful bride, havie and josh <3
haven laughing with stuie :)

taking a much needed moment to visit with friends and have chels take over the camera for a few minutes!

I was playing a game of peek a boo with him today. He would chase me around a chair in the living room until I would be able to sneak up behind him and shout 'BOO!'. It would result in a fit of laughter and we would do the same thing over and over again. I laid down on the floor afterwards and he gave me the biggest hug. I just can't help but smile from ear to ear whenever I think of him. 

yup. our life is pretty hard. just layin' in a hammock. no biggie :)
how could this face NOT make you smile???
- haven met a new friend named MUD. He LOVES mud. lol! -

I am so grateful for Haven in my life. I am so grateful that this time, one year ago, I had just welcomed this sweet little boy into the world. It feels like yesterday. I am so grateful for every single tomorrow spent with him.


Monday, August 22, 2011

celebrating life!

I don't have any pictures that are all too amazing just yet. I'll have to transfer them from my camera an I'll be crazy busy until the beginning of September.

(my wonderful 'glasses in the airport, dead tired' look lol)

It's a month full of big moments! One of my best friends is getting married in the temple. Another best friend just returned home from her mission. My son is turning one year old.

(waiting to meet auntie chely!)

So much celebrating and so much to feel blessed with. Life is oh so good right now!

(going for a swim with my little raven :)

My visit to the beautiful British Columbia has been wonderful. Yesterday the temperature was so hot! I enjoyed every second of it! Hav and I swung in the hammock together and just relaxed. I've been able to run around a mountain almost every day this week... Ya that's right! I ran around a mountain!

(yup... i'm definitely rocking the 3d glasses. i'm just that cool. haha)

Haven has made a new friend in, Chelsea's brother (a fact which Chelsea is thoroughly jealous of! He usually chooses Stuart over Her haha! Poor auntie Chely!).

We're just heading home for a teensy break for a couple of days and then we're off again! Haven's grandma an grandpa have missed him terribly and are very looking forward to seeing him! They say they're excited to see me too, but I know the truth lol!

(hangin' out with Papa :)

Sorry for the randomness of this blog but I'm terribly bored and had a few minutes on my hands :)

Enjoy the pictures (even though they're not as awesome as Eevies - yes, I named my new camera! Haha).

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

a beautiful day

Where do I even start? I can't upload new pictures right now which makes me so, so, sad. I am going to have to sit down and do it all up some time soon. Because I definitely have some amazing pictures.

I'm sitting in front of a big open window right now with the view of the magnificent British Columbia mountains before me. I can't help but be in complete awe at the beauty of this country; a country that I love calling my home. Life is just wonderful. Havie is down for a nap and I just got home from a run with Stuart and Chelsea.

Yes! That's right! Chelsea! Who's that you may ask? My best friend who I haven't seen for a year and a half! She was serving a full time mission in New Jersey, USA for our Church.... namely The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints :)

love her <3

I can't put into words how wonderful it has been having her home again and having hours and hours of catching up on the monumental moments of each other's lives. She is still the same Chely that I've always known... but there's something different about her. She has grown so much. There's a new little light in her eyes.

I got to snap some pictures when she first walked through the door at the airport and was reunited with her family again. It was so precious seeing the looks of joy on all of their faces. It makes me think of when we have to say goodbye to those that have carried on to the eternities and how absolutely wonderful that day will be when we can be reunited with our Heavenly families once again.

Family is everything to me. I'm so grateful that I know where I'm going after this life. I'm so grateful that I have a knowledge that I will be with my family forever.

grandpa finally got some grand sons!

i adore my family <3

the leotard monster!

mommmyyy!!! stop kissing me!!!! lol

I've had close friends and family pass on before and it's been a heart breaking thing. But I know that I will see them again... and much similar to when Chelsea was reunited with her family at that airport, we will all be reunited with our loved ones one day.

And what a beautiful day that will be.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HelloGoodbye (love that band, lol)

Don't you just love airports? They can hold the worst and the best of experiences. I've had some pretty heart breaking goodbyes and also some wonderfully joyous hellos.

Right now I am heading to an airport where I will be able to experience one of those wonderfully joyous 'hello's :) I am SO excited!

Haven has been an angel on our first flight and slept the whole way (don't worry all, I've been keeping our journey updated VERY well with my new camera!)

The rest of my summer is full of busyness with friends, celebrations, and family. And I am looking forward to every second of it.

I've been doing family photo shoots all week and just yesterday we had the grand finale with the entire family all together. I currently have 1100 pictures on my camera... let's hope that there's a couple that turned out ;)

It was INSANE getting my entire family together for these pictures! Coordinating the ever increasing number of children was quite the task!

I'm so blessed to have the family that I have. There was one point where one nephew was hiding in his shirt, one niece was sobbing, one niece had her tongue hanging out of her mouth, and little Havie was looking like he had about had it with the craziness. I couldn't help but take a step back and just laugh at the sight before me.

I love my family. I love the love in my family. I love that I get to be with my family forever and ever because of a perfect plan :)

(Havie sleeping on our first flight :)

(waiting for the next flight!)

(I just love him <3)

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