Monday, August 22, 2011

celebrating life!

I don't have any pictures that are all too amazing just yet. I'll have to transfer them from my camera an I'll be crazy busy until the beginning of September.

(my wonderful 'glasses in the airport, dead tired' look lol)

It's a month full of big moments! One of my best friends is getting married in the temple. Another best friend just returned home from her mission. My son is turning one year old.

(waiting to meet auntie chely!)

So much celebrating and so much to feel blessed with. Life is oh so good right now!

(going for a swim with my little raven :)

My visit to the beautiful British Columbia has been wonderful. Yesterday the temperature was so hot! I enjoyed every second of it! Hav and I swung in the hammock together and just relaxed. I've been able to run around a mountain almost every day this week... Ya that's right! I ran around a mountain!

(yup... i'm definitely rocking the 3d glasses. i'm just that cool. haha)

Haven has made a new friend in, Chelsea's brother (a fact which Chelsea is thoroughly jealous of! He usually chooses Stuart over Her haha! Poor auntie Chely!).

We're just heading home for a teensy break for a couple of days and then we're off again! Haven's grandma an grandpa have missed him terribly and are very looking forward to seeing him! They say they're excited to see me too, but I know the truth lol!

(hangin' out with Papa :)

Sorry for the randomness of this blog but I'm terribly bored and had a few minutes on my hands :)

Enjoy the pictures (even though they're not as awesome as Eevies - yes, I named my new camera! Haha).

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