Sunday, September 25, 2011

26 hrs/day & 13 months old

Thirteen months old. That is how old my little boy is. Can anyone else believe that? I sure can't.

I know that this is really random and I don't know exactly how to put it into words... but I would never want any baby to replace Haven. There is no baby in the whole wide world - not one - that I would ever want instead of my son. Pretty much I'm saying that Haven is the most handsome, smart, loveable, amazing little boy in the entire world.

Yup. That's right. I said it. What now???

I always hated when Mothers said things like that. If you are not currently a Mother, and you are also reading this, and you are also thinking to yourself:

'I think that what she just said is so stupid!'

Well... then I guess you aren't a Mother. Go have a baby and then come back and tell me that any other baby is better than your baby... (even though Haven is clearly the best ;).

I apologise for the fact that this is the most random and jumbled '25' post that you ever might read. I actually just finished working two 13 hour days. Ya that's right. 13 hours. And. I'm a Mother. So you can just double that.

13 + 13 = 26

I've been working 26 hours each day for two days. Not possible, you say? I'm basically super woman. I made it happen. Ha.

Ok. I'm going to just get to the pictures before I dig this blog into an even deeper hole than it already is in. Hahaha.

look at those wittle feeties poking out there :)
hard life, right?

<3 these boys

hav has taken a new interest in the cats.
he ADORES the cats.
he wants to give them hugs and lots of love.
you may venture to assume that they do not return the feelings of affection... ha.

havie, joining me on my couples session hahaha

havie's cousins all in one picture! :)
see those teeth?
imagine them tearing through your flesh.
also another new found interest of haven's - biting.
we'll see how long that lasts...
another point... haven gets what haven wants when haven wants it. lol.
this face is a result of my making him wait for more food until he was being nice to mommy.
there's a story behind this picture.
see the little boy pointing the water gun at my baby?
what kind of demon child points a water gun at a one year old baby?
well. that child did. and lemme tell ya.
tanner and i were sitting there watching him like a hawk.
i was just WAITING for him to actually try and spray him with this water gun.
he would'a got it good, that's for sure.
thankfully, for demon child's sake, the water never came out while the gun was pointed at haven.
look hav, i can make that face too ;)

should i run towards that creek, even though mommy told me not too.............
i'm pretty sure that's what haven is considering in this picture.
he tried the first time and that didn't end well considering the mud smeared all over the side of his head..
dear haven,
did you know that you're my very best friend in the whole wide world?
did you know that i will always love you - more and more every day.
did you know that no matter what you do... nothing will ever change how much i love you <3

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  1. Ahhh, I need to hold this little boy again. Can you both please just get here already? Can't wait until I can have those proud mama feelings.