Monday, October 17, 2011


I think my gratitude journals are lacking lately... I'm sick today and my head is pounding and I'm pretty sure that if I write up a gratitude journal, I might feel a little better.

You've met him before, I know... but do you know how much I love my puppy?

I am grateful for him.

I was thinking the other day... and I don't have much time left with him. That makes me sad...

But I'm grateful for the time I've had with him.

I'm grateful that he's being my cuddle bunny right now. He makes the single life not so lonely ;)

I'm grateful that Havie is sleeping soundly and happily.

I'm grateful for Becky Sparks :) she's makes me laugh almost every time I talk to her.

Well... I'm going to go have a date with the toilet now and puke my guts out.

But this was helpful. Thanks, blogging buddies.

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