Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the measure of success

I've been thinking a lot lately about success. What is it really? How do you define success? What does one have to do in life to be 'succesful'?

I guess it depends who you ask. The answers would undoubtedly vary.

But to me?
Success does not come through fancy, expensive cars.
Cars will rust; and one day it will probably seem very silly that we put so much thought into a big hunk of metal.
Success does not come by looking a certain way. It doesn't come through having lots of money.
It definitely doesn't come through flashy name brands displayed for the world to see.

The true successes of my life are much more deep and meaningful than that. The true successes of my life bring me joy. 

I feel success and joy when I see this little smile.

auntie tamera, kealii and my little haven :)

I feel success and joy when Haven learns something new (even though, I'm not gonna lie, it makes me panic to think he's growing up so quickly).

he insists upon eating by himself, with no help! and it usually results in a giant mess! :)

I feel success and joy when I am able to gather my entire family together into one photo (seriously, it's quite the feat to accomplish - I should get an award or something).

:) lots of additions!!!

I feel success and joy when Haven learns that kisses are for lips, not for noses. Nor are noses for biting (he'l catch on one day, i know it ;).

in the mean time, i will feel the same amount of joy in recieving these wonderful kisses and bites upon my nose <3

I feel success and joy when Haven shows kindness and love to someone who is sad.

cousin loving <3

I feel success and joy when I see the parts of Haven that come from me.

curly locks :)

I may not know all of the ways to define success.
But listed above are a few that define some of the successes in my life.
To some, they seem silly.
But I know that the important things in life - the things that will last forever - are the loved ones around us.

My last success for this post?
It's definitely the 25th day of every month - when Haven becomes one month older! With every passing month, I love him more. With every tiny feat that he accomplishes, I feel more gratitude that he is in my life. He has taught me what is really important; what really defines success.

And he is undoubtedly my greatest success of all <3

august 25th, 2010


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