Monday, November 7, 2011

something amazing

2 choices.

that's exactly what i have today.
-in fact every day i have 2 choices-

1. i can choose to look at the negative, painful or tearful experiences of the day


2. i can choose to look at the wonderful, uplifting or strengthening experiences of the day.


on this beautiful sunday evening i am going to choose the latter.
i've not had the best day - it's been trying at times, i won't lie.

but what would life be without the difficult bits as well?
wouldn't it be silly of me to have a testimony of the truth that i know that i was sent here to this earth to be tested and strengthened,
but simultaneously believe that i shouldn't have to face difficulties, pains, heart aches and sorrows?

that idea is contradictory, if you ask me.

my heart is feeling a little beat up this evening
and i know the perfect solution

- attitude of gratitude -
(ya, i said it ;)

What am I grateful for today?
Please, allow me to tell you:

1. the fact that i have a new computer! there's a tiny negative here, which will explain the lack of good photos. that is the fact that i have no editing system on my computer atm. nor do i have any pics from Eevie (that's my camera, ya she has a name ;) So! Please enjoy the lack of high quality photos!

2. banana cream pie with oreo pie crust. Haven enjoyed it quite a lot as well ;)

3. my Momma who is the best Momma and Grandma in the whole, wide universe.

4. mine and Haven's adventures through wallie world, playing 'peek-a-boo' with touques :)

5. my Piggy wiggie nephew :) this is definitely a wedding day slide show shot. hahaha

6. great health care in Canada - seriously, i freaken love my country.

7. 'peek-a-boo' games with havie baby. 

8. home made ice cream and strawberry cobbler - ya, that's right - home made (by me)!

9. this may seem cheesy to some... but today i am especially grateful that i know where i come from. i know who i am and where i am going.
this knowledge makes facing the heart aches of my life easier to bare.
i know that this life isn't the end - there is something else after and there was something else before.
people who truly love me will not define me by my outward appearance;
they will define me by my heart.
i know that i truly love Haven because, even though he has the cutest darn face i've ever seen, i know that he has the best heart of anyone that i know
and i can see that heart shining through every day.
did you know that he comforts his cousin when he is upset?
he holds my face in his hands and 'kisses' my cheeks and nose when i cry.
he was something amazing before he came here
and he is something amazing now.
today more than anything, i am grateful that i know where i am going.
i know that i have a purpose in life; and along with that, i know that haven has a purpose in life.
i know that beauty's true depth is not measured by layers of make up or their articles of fancy possesions.
beauty's true depth is measured from within a person's soul. 

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