Monday, November 26, 2012

25: 2 years and 3 months

Finals? Study? Who needs it? Not me.

That's a lie. But I'll take a break cause this kid needs some splurging about.

If haven hasn't entirely embraced his two year old status a month ago, has done so officially this month! He is busy. He is so busy I feel like I can't keep up with the little tike sometimes! It keeps me on my toes though, and that's good for me.

Haven is in the stage right now where he has mastered the majority of the art of communicating what he wants - now he thinks though, that what he wants is ALWAYS going to be what he gets. Tis sadly not so, though, and Mommy and Daddy have to say no to many of his ideas (like touching the oven, or coloring the walls with permanent marker, or eating mounds of candy). What a hard lesson for a little boy to learn.

The other day we were having a particularly hard day, full of WAY too many 'no's' for my liking (being the 'no' boss is not an easy task when you are saying no to those big, round brown eyes!). But alas, his ideas were either dangerous, unhealthy, or damaging to the house - all 'no no's'. I kept trying to distract him with little success. Finally he had a great idea that didn't harm himself, make him unhealthy or damage the walls - he wanted to read a story.

He said: "Mommy!!! Pwease sit on duh couch! Now mommy!!!" I think the little guy had gotten so used to me trying to distract him and not listening to what he wanted to do that he thought I wasn't going to listen to what he was asking me to do. But, I did listen. He looked at me for a few moments almost like he was stunned or something. And then he gave a GREAT big sigh and exclaimed:
"Oh Mommy! THANK YOU for wistening to me!" (The exact words I use for him when he is obedient. Minus the wistening part and add in the listening part lol.)

Havs been having trouble sleeping lately and so hunt has laid down with him so he could go to sleep:

The problem is that Hunt falls asleep too lol!

Hoar frost!!! And hav telling me some story :)

Hav loves his cousins :)

He fell asleep in my arms and I soaked up every second of it!


Cousiiins :)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

25... Plus some!

If I were a smart kid, I would be sleeping right now. But. I guess I'm not. Ha! So no one feel sorry for me, k? Good. Glad we got that cleared up.

This month has been so. busy. I feel stressed to the max. But that just makes the moments if peace and quiet all the more sweet and cherished.

Haven is growing so fast. He has such a little personality. I was driving in the car with him the other night and was trying to keep him awake so he could go to bed ok after we got home. I was singing with him:

Me: "dooo!"
Haven: "nooo!"
Me: "raaaaay!"
Haven: "NO!"
Me: "Meee!"
Haven: "mommy! Top (stop)! We in duh (the) car!!!"

Needless to say, he didn't appreciate my singing.

Hunter and I have made a new rule that haven can't have his soother unless its bed time or nap time (so that he can learn to talk without a soother messing up his words). Haven has figured out that when he is tired, he gets his soother. So now he says:

"Ohhh mommy. I sooo tired. Soooder pweeease."

He's got it all figured out.

Tonight I made chocolate chip banana bread and he just wanted to lick off all the chocolate from the top of the bread.

Which, by the way, is awesome considering the fact that he has croup.

Q. What is croup you ask?
A. The boon of my life.

Seriously. If croup had a face, I would kick it. Or slap it. Or something equally rude.

In its literal definition, croup is, what seems like a standard cold at first, but at night time causes a swelling of the vocal chords and a severe cough - this makes breathing very strained. Cool air lessens the swelling though and then they're fine. But. I haven't slept in three nights. And neither has little Haven or Hunter. Our little family looks like we got hit by a train and then run over by a tractor.

I am so. tired. Which is why everyone can call me a stupid kid for still being awake :)

Pictures! That sounds good. Here's a few!

(Me on the left, and Havie on the right. He reminded me a lot of me in this pic!)

(He's a pretty serious guy with his phone. Lol)

(Playing in our backyard.)

(Carving pumpkins!!! We live Halloween!!)

(Hanging out with dad.)

(Havens first hockey game! Half way through a yawn lol.)

(Grabdmas :)

(What happened to 'happy Halloween'??? This store traumatized poor haver! Ok.... He was laughing the majority of the time. But I still do not approve!)

(Sittin in the tractor wheel to block out the wind!)

Playing with dad.

He went and got milk, cereal and a bowl all by himself!!! My boy is so big!

A visit to the hospital :( stupid freaking croup. Gr.

At least I got snuggles out if it!

Before hair cut.

After hair cut! This was pretty traumatic for me. His first big boy hair cut!!!

He's so big!!! And I love him!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25: the best two years

when i was a little girl, i had always wanted to serve a mission - i wanted to travel off to some foreign country and teach the people all about eternal families and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. it was definitely in the books amd i planned for it! and then other plans entered the mix and i abandoned that wish for other wishes. sometimes i kind of regretted abandoning that wish...

a whole while later, little Havie entered my life. it's actually exactly two years ago, almost to the hour, that i held him in my arms for the very first time. i remember waking up in the middle of the night after haven was born and starring at his little round face through his plastic basinette. i remember having an overwhelming feeling that my life would never. ever. be the same.

and it wasn't ever the same.

i never got to sleep the same - i never understood the word "tired" until i became a mother.

i had to work a whole lot harder and longer.

i sometimes felt a greater sense of lonliness.

i constantly questioned myself.

i stressed more.

i was needed way more.

i probably even cried more.

and i wouldn't change any of it. not for one single thing. because with the greater tears and the greater heartache, i experience greater joy.

haven is so wonderful. and every day i love him more and more. he is growing into himself more and more every day - and changing it seems, every second.

sometimes i miss that sweet little baby that i first met two years ago; i often wish that i had taken more pictures and more videos.

but then i look into his big brown eyes, all full of excitement and wonder and can't help but feel excited to watch him as he learns all about the world and the wonderful things there are for him to have.

i used to regret not having gone on a mission. but i've decided that regrets are a silly thing. because every day i'm reminded that i'm right where i'm supposed to be. these past two years have been the  very best - the best two years.

still cookin' in the oven :)

:) my bubbah shortly before he arrived.

fatso :)

auntie chellie

oh the faces of haven..

bi polar much? haha

laughing for auntie t

can't forget ol' ken :)

cutest santa ever? i think so.

auntie sara.

i wonder what team they root for???

haver thinks he's pretty fly. haha

just gettin' ready for his missionary days.

grandma :)

"maybe if i smile really cute she won't make me go in time out........"

first horsie ride! it was short lived... lol. i was too panicky.

bed time! for both of em!


first hair cut! i didn't allow for much to be taken off. but it was a start lol.

cutest boy ever? i think so!!!

my little family <3