Monday, March 5, 2012

all about havie

Ok. I've reached an all time low, guys. This is really late. And I'm really sorry. Kind of. Because if you all knew how very busy I've been, you would totally understand.

I've finally reach a lul, and am ever grateful for it.

This is the 25th post :) that is so late!

Haven is 18 months old. And he is growing so, so much. This is a time of mile-stones and markers. And I feel as if he's hitting them all at once - I can't keep up with the kid!

Haven's personality is begining to shine. He is cautious of those that he doesn't know, but once he warms up to someone and decides that they are not in fact monsters, he loves them to bits. He has two favorites right now. Papa and Kati. Papa has always been a favorite and Kati is his current girlfriend... so obviously he adores her.

Havie has conquered the stairs... to some degree. I would have said this with more confidence if he had not tumbled down three stairs earlier this afternoon, causing me to nearly have a heart attack. Hunt saved him and luckily he didn't have any scrapes or bruises.

Haven's favorite word is "uuuuh ohhh". He likes throwing things across the room just so that he can use it. Hav and I do our streches together wheneve I work out. I left him decide what streches we will do and then I copy whatever he does. He adores it.

Haven doesn't know too many words and so I've taught him how to say "please" by using sign. He caught on to it pretty quickly ... when he's angry though, there's not much of hope of getting him to remember that fact.

Here's some pictures of the month:

this is haven, blowing raspberries on my back hahaha

haven got tired at a basketball game; he is also very attached to his blanket right now hahaha.

auntie tanis :)

haven realized that he adores valentines day. especially because his momma lets him eat tons of candy hahah. this is his stash from all his girlfriends. he's a lady killer.


we looooove kisses

mmmmmm :)

helping mommy carry out the paint can.

and last, but not least! havie with his girlfriend :)

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