Sunday, June 3, 2012

my little boy

the blog that I wrote up a while back was awesome. I was even going to post a video and everything. annnnd that did not go as planned. so. by about 2 am I gave up and went to sleep frustrated and irritated that I wasted 3 hours of my life because of technology. stupid.

but, folks. here I am. and here's havens update for the month :) (jeesh, I should just name this blog 'havens life story' considering he's all I ever write about these days... oh well. he's an awesome thing to write about.)

I'm losing track of all the months. I can't keep up with them anymore. they're flying by far too quickly.

i feel like the older haven gets, the quicker he grows. lately it seems as if, slowing down his rate of growth would be like trying to stop sand from escaping a big ol' sieve. I can't blink without him learning some new wonderful thing.

his personality is getting stronger and stronger everyday. he tests boundaries more often. my angelic and peaceful boy is getting a mind of his own and often deciding to not be quite so peaceful. he definitely knows the word 'no' and uses it to his advantage. and my, he is stubborn. I guess it's a good thing that I care more about his future achievements and I try my hardest to set boundaries for him - Havie is stubborn, but he comes by that quality honestly. he's learning that mama's a pretty stubborn lady too.

today was a monumental day, actually. it was pretty important. havies very first hair cut. his bangs were getting in his eyes and frustrating him (you can gather from the pictures that it was needed - based on the pony tail as well as the curly mullet look lol). Dallas got to do the honors of cutting it. after it was all done, hunt came out to the shop to help me change the oil on my car. I criiiied like the big baby that I am. I just already feel like he's slipping from my fingertips. he's looking more and more like a little man each day and losing his baby boy features. he's a handsome little guy.

he loves playing outside. and even better than that, he loves kicking around his soccer. hes actually pretty good at it (better than me at least, but that's not really saying much at all hahahah).

speaking of people growing up, we for to go to Sara's grad yesterday. it was wonderful. Hav had fun. he went up to the head table and sat with Sara for a little bit.

i sure do adore this boy. I do, I do <3 class="separator" data-blogger-escaped-.="" data-blogger-escaped-div="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

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