Thursday, July 26, 2012

25! one month from the birthday!!!

Haven is such a growing boy!!! He knows so many words and is using broken sentences now. He hasn't quite got the concept of 'k' or 'ck' words. He calls ketchup 'frupup'.

In the morning I wake up to "Mom! Cereal! Cereal, Mom!" One thing I will give to him, is that he always says please and thank you; or rather 'peesse' and 'tantch oo'.

Haven has a new bedroom in our new house. I've taken down all the baby pictures (that was a sad day!!!) and replaced them with little boy wall decor.

Haven calls everyone who he loves 'mommy' (except for grandpa, who's always been 'papa'). Even grandpa Olsen is mom (he especially loves grandpa Olsen. he will give him as many freezies as he can eat haha).

Haven got sick this month with FHMD and couldnt come with me to work and so he's had to spend a lot of extra time driving in the 'frackter' with dad. He loves it.

Haven has taken up picking his nose lol. I figure he'll grow out of it haha.

Haven got to ride on his first horsie!!!

Papa helpin' us move out!

Havie loves Ry :)

A perfect summer for swimming!

playing baseball in our yard :) Havie loves baseball!

a sleepie sick haven.

Hav likes to jump off of things suddenly. sometimes even when mamas not ready for him; scares me every time!

Havie and the tractor :)

Havie loves feeding all our mouser cats lol!!

:( uuuuh ohhh. haven breaking one of my plates!

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