Monday, October 22, 2012

25... Plus some!

If I were a smart kid, I would be sleeping right now. But. I guess I'm not. Ha! So no one feel sorry for me, k? Good. Glad we got that cleared up.

This month has been so. busy. I feel stressed to the max. But that just makes the moments if peace and quiet all the more sweet and cherished.

Haven is growing so fast. He has such a little personality. I was driving in the car with him the other night and was trying to keep him awake so he could go to bed ok after we got home. I was singing with him:

Me: "dooo!"
Haven: "nooo!"
Me: "raaaaay!"
Haven: "NO!"
Me: "Meee!"
Haven: "mommy! Top (stop)! We in duh (the) car!!!"

Needless to say, he didn't appreciate my singing.

Hunter and I have made a new rule that haven can't have his soother unless its bed time or nap time (so that he can learn to talk without a soother messing up his words). Haven has figured out that when he is tired, he gets his soother. So now he says:

"Ohhh mommy. I sooo tired. Soooder pweeease."

He's got it all figured out.

Tonight I made chocolate chip banana bread and he just wanted to lick off all the chocolate from the top of the bread.

Which, by the way, is awesome considering the fact that he has croup.

Q. What is croup you ask?
A. The boon of my life.

Seriously. If croup had a face, I would kick it. Or slap it. Or something equally rude.

In its literal definition, croup is, what seems like a standard cold at first, but at night time causes a swelling of the vocal chords and a severe cough - this makes breathing very strained. Cool air lessens the swelling though and then they're fine. But. I haven't slept in three nights. And neither has little Haven or Hunter. Our little family looks like we got hit by a train and then run over by a tractor.

I am so. tired. Which is why everyone can call me a stupid kid for still being awake :)

Pictures! That sounds good. Here's a few!

(Me on the left, and Havie on the right. He reminded me a lot of me in this pic!)

(He's a pretty serious guy with his phone. Lol)

(Playing in our backyard.)

(Carving pumpkins!!! We live Halloween!!)

(Hanging out with dad.)

(Havens first hockey game! Half way through a yawn lol.)

(Grabdmas :)

(What happened to 'happy Halloween'??? This store traumatized poor haver! Ok.... He was laughing the majority of the time. But I still do not approve!)

(Sittin in the tractor wheel to block out the wind!)

Playing with dad.

He went and got milk, cereal and a bowl all by himself!!! My boy is so big!

A visit to the hospital :( stupid freaking croup. Gr.

At least I got snuggles out if it!

Before hair cut.

After hair cut! This was pretty traumatic for me. His first big boy hair cut!!!

He's so big!!! And I love him!!!