Monday, November 26, 2012

25: 2 years and 3 months

Finals? Study? Who needs it? Not me.

That's a lie. But I'll take a break cause this kid needs some splurging about.

If haven hasn't entirely embraced his two year old status a month ago, has done so officially this month! He is busy. He is so busy I feel like I can't keep up with the little tike sometimes! It keeps me on my toes though, and that's good for me.

Haven is in the stage right now where he has mastered the majority of the art of communicating what he wants - now he thinks though, that what he wants is ALWAYS going to be what he gets. Tis sadly not so, though, and Mommy and Daddy have to say no to many of his ideas (like touching the oven, or coloring the walls with permanent marker, or eating mounds of candy). What a hard lesson for a little boy to learn.

The other day we were having a particularly hard day, full of WAY too many 'no's' for my liking (being the 'no' boss is not an easy task when you are saying no to those big, round brown eyes!). But alas, his ideas were either dangerous, unhealthy, or damaging to the house - all 'no no's'. I kept trying to distract him with little success. Finally he had a great idea that didn't harm himself, make him unhealthy or damage the walls - he wanted to read a story.

He said: "Mommy!!! Pwease sit on duh couch! Now mommy!!!" I think the little guy had gotten so used to me trying to distract him and not listening to what he wanted to do that he thought I wasn't going to listen to what he was asking me to do. But, I did listen. He looked at me for a few moments almost like he was stunned or something. And then he gave a GREAT big sigh and exclaimed:
"Oh Mommy! THANK YOU for wistening to me!" (The exact words I use for him when he is obedient. Minus the wistening part and add in the listening part lol.)

Havs been having trouble sleeping lately and so hunt has laid down with him so he could go to sleep:

The problem is that Hunt falls asleep too lol!

Hoar frost!!! And hav telling me some story :)

Hav loves his cousins :)

He fell asleep in my arms and I soaked up every second of it!


Cousiiins :)

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