Monday, March 11, 2013

25: 2 years and one half!

Hav's Recent Accomplishments
1. Hav learned how to say GRANDMA and not Grandpa :)... for a long time he could not say grandma. He could definitely hear the difference because when I called "Grandma", Grandpa, he would say "No mommy! It GRANDPA not Grandpa!!"
2. Hav still does not like being told that he is cute... : "You're so cute!" ... "No I not, Mom! I HAVEN!"
3. Hav got some immunizations a few months ago and he was a champ and only cried for a few seconds. I think I cried longer.
4. Hav also got a hair cut since last post and he rocked it :)
5. Hav says something funny every day and always keeps Hunt and I on our toes. We love him to bits and pieces.
Playin in the bath tub.

Making cinnamon buns with momma.

Fooohawk for our night out with grandma and papa!


Hav is all about kisses lately.

Haven was a big boy and cut up all his soothers in January!!! We were so proud of him! He is completely sootherless now :)

"....if I throw the blanket over my head I don't think that Mom and Dad can see me...."


I don't know how hav's waited so long to start shaving. I mean he's got SO MUCH facial hair :)

Going for a walk :)
Craft time at the Galt!!!

I could eat him. He's way too cute.

Auntie Sara

He's very intellectual with Daddy's glasses on.

:) My little buddy.

Family swim day!!! One of Hav's favorite places to be these days.
Kisses for Papa.

This is what happens when Hav wants his shirt off when he lays down with Daddy. Daddy falls asleep in .5 seconds. Haven tries to take his shirt off on his own. The result = this hahaha.

Kisses coooonnntinued!

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