Friday, April 5, 2013

a riddle for you

I have a riddle for you blog readers!

- Gives you painful migraines,
- Makes you nauseous all day and night,
- Causes you to lose weight initially (only because you puke everything up),
- And then shortly after causes you to gain excessive weight,
- Renders you unbelievably exhausted every waking moment,
- Causes you to cry one moment and then laugh hysterically the next...
- Yet you are still overjoyed for the results of this said treacherous experience.

What is the answer, you ask?


Hunter, Haven and I are thrilled to announce the coming arrival of a new addition to our little family! We are so excited!

Here is little baby's first photo debut to the world :)

Though baby has caused me immense tiredness and sickness and headaches and moodiness... I love baby more and more everyday.

I've loved this little baby from the start.

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