Monday, November 18, 2013

A Baby Story: Beckum pt. 1

Who doesn't love a good delivery story? Well... if you don't, then stop reading now. 'Cause this is one of those stories.

My sleep through the night of September 24, 2013 was like any other during the final days of my pregnancy: filled full of fun pregnancy occurrences such as heart burn, unbearable heat and all around discomfort. Hunt left for work at 6 ish (I know... what an awful time to leave for work!) I woke up around 7 in the morning snuggled up to little Haven as per usual. I had my weekly pregnancy appointment to see my Dr at 11 am and so I was trying to catch some extra Z's after an awful sleep. So there I was driiiiifffting peacefully back to sleep... when I suddenly felt something warm and wet on the sheets beneath me.

"Great", I thought "Hav peed his pants on me." I sat up and checked him... but nope... he was completely. dry.

This is the first moment of the day where I had a minor panic attack.

"I. AM. NOT. READY. FOR. THIS. BABY." is what was flashing through my mind.

 I know that pregnant ladies often struggle with bladder problems, but I promise I never had issues like that and I kneeeewww that was not what it was.
Can I just say that our baby was expected to be born on October 17, 2013. I fully expected him to be late. I guess I was afraid of getting my hopes up for baby to come right on the expected date and then dreading every second of 'over due' pregnancy. I was extremely uncomfortable during this pregnancy and so I really, really didn't want to get my hopes up that the 17th would be 'the day'.

Anyways, back to my uncomfortable slumber wake up: I got out of bed to change my wet clothes and nothing else happened. So I dragged my tired self back to bed and after a few minutes of completely reliable studying regarding the question of whether or not your water can break "only a little" via google, I felt a little more comforted. So I awkwardly snuggled back up in bed with all three of my fans blowing on me and fell back asleep.

I dropped off Hav with my Mom before my Drs. appointment and was feeling more and more calm with each minute. I made it to my appointment and explained to my Dr. what had happened. He told me that if my water had in fact broke, then I would need to be induced within 24 hours. He suggested that I go to the hospital where they could do a test to check if my water had broke.

side note: I knew from past experience, that if I went to the hospital I would be there for hours and I did not have hours; I had stuff to get done. And quite honestly in my mind I was thinking... "it would be useless... it must have been something else: my water could NOT have possibly broke". I mean honestly, didn't my body know that I did not have anything ready for baby to come yet???

My Dr. could tell that I did not want to go to the hospital and so he told me that I wouldn't have to go if he checked me and everything was normal. He made me promise though, that I would go straight to the hospital if anything changed.

Everything was normal when he checked me and so I gathered up Haven from my Momma bear, visited with her for a bit, and then left. I was starving (as usual) and so Hav and I went on a Momma-son date and ate some delicious food followed by some ice cream.

Mmm-mmm good. I'm so grateful for this special little impromptu date that I had with my baby boy.

Then we went home. The experiences of the day reminded me of the very exhausting fact that I had absolutely nothing ready for this baby. And so I decided I should throw a few completely essential things into the hospital bag (which, in my mind, I wouldn't be needing for another 3 weeks): my cameras, obviously. If you know me, you know that pictures are very, very important to me.

Hunt was at work late bailing some hay and so my mom and I planned to have a "Once Upon a Time (best. tv show. evaaaarrrr)/paint my baby crib" girls night. I painted with my mom for a bit until it was Hav's bed time. I changed Haven's sheets and was taking a quick bathroom break before going to get Haven into his PJ's; I was washing my hands when...... drum roll, please.. que the nature-like sound of a waterfall....

I felt warm water slowly trickling down the inside of my legs.  

I stopped: my breathing stopped, my heart seemed to stop... everything just seemed to stop.

I was filled with panic.

I went to the baby room where my Mom was painting and told her what was happening. The sight of the unfinished baby room - wet paint, barren walls, garbage bags and all - did nothing to lessen my feelings of panic.

Sometimes when I feel too much overwhelming panic, I do a funny little thing: I go into 'auto-pilot Megan mode'. Auto-pilot Megan shoves away the part of me that's panicking and refuses to acknowledge the gravity of the situation; auto pilot Megan takes over and squashes out the part of me that it is completely freaking out. I move more quickly and frenzied and I get things done.

The first thing I needed to do: get Haven in bed. I put on his PJs, said prayer with him and got him in his bed.

Every move I made, there was more and more water. I slowly but surely began feeling a dull ache in my back: back labor. There was no way that I could possibly deny what was happening.

I called the hospital. They told me to come as soon as possible.

I was rushing around the house gathering things that we needed for the hospital when I called Hunter to explain what was happening.

He answered the phone by trying to tell me something funny; I interrupted him mid-sentence.

"Hunter. Stop talking. Listen to me. When are you going to be home?"

He told me that he wouldn't be home for about 30-45 minutes. I explained to him that my water had broke and I would need to go to the hospital. I told him that he didn't need to hurry because I wasn't having consistent contractions, if any at all. We talked for a minute more. Near the end of the conversation, my emotionless 'auto-pilot Megan' mode was fading quickly and my voice cracked as I tried to push away some tears. Hunter must have been able to tell that, deep down, I was really freaking out.

"I will come home now. I'll be 10 minutes." He hung up the phone, left his tractor right there in the field and was home before I knew it. Can I just say that I am thrilled that he could see through 'auto-pilot Megan'? I definitely needed him even though 'auto-pilot Megan' said otherwise. Gotta' love that guy.

side note: this is getting really long... soooooo I'll let you all marinate in the wonderfulness that is my husband and how great he is to me:

love him :)

and to be continued... :)

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