Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Fresh Start & New Direction!

Well friends, I have been MIA for nearly two years. What posts I have posted I feel I have begun with something like this (excuses for why I've been away, blah, blah, blah). So I'll save you the excuses and jump right in.

I have wanted to restart my blog for some time. Actually, I'm going to be totally honest with you here... I have felt very strongly that I needed to continue writing in my blog. At the end of each year for the past 3 years I have said to my husband "Oh man, I didn't restart my blog again....". This year, I'm pretty sure that he knew I would be saying the same thing AGAIN for the MILLIONTH time, and he probably even had to stifle an eye roll and maybe a "What else is new?" comment. Haha. I have procrastinated for a LONG TIME. And so I've cleaned up my blog a bit - and one must start somewhere, so here we are! 

In the future of this blog I would love to share a little bit of what is most important to me and also some practical things to. So with that being said the three topics/goals that I have for this blog going forward are:
  1. Product Reviews: 
    I seriously spend a lot of my life scouring the Internet trying to find information on what variety of a particular product I am looking to buy. I DO NOT like spending money. K, scratch that, I actually really do like buying awesome stuff, but not stuff that I hate. And so when I do finally decide that I need something and I am going to spend money, I want it to be on something that I will love. So many times I have thought “Ah! I wish someone had written a product review of this so I could find an objective opinion on it!” With that being said, I would love to save you a little bit of the HOURS of online researching and help you find something that you might love too, and even only have to stop at 1 spot rather than 200 million thousand spots.
  2. My Family and Life: 
    Going forward I don't want this blog to be like a “journal”; though I'm sure that occasionally there will be a post that has some "journalesque” qualities to it. Some of the greatest ways that I have learned is through other people sharing their experiences and unique perspectives. I love learning from others as they share things that have worked for them and things that haven't. I am a wife, a stay at home mom, a home schooler, a best friend, a primary teacher, an advocate for healthy living, a baker, a cook and an animal care taker and even more. I have had to learn a lot along the way through trial and error, lengthy research, more trial and error and then even more lengthy research. I hope that by sharing the lessons (and some “how to's”) I learn along the way, that I can save you some of that “trial and error/lengthy research”. Sometimes life is a tough thing to navigate and I think as we share together, we can lighten each other's load.
  3. My Beliefs:
    I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love the things that I have learned from His Gospel. I don't think it is usually looked very highly upon in our culture for a person to openly share their personal belief in Jesus Christ - I don't agree that we should hide our beliefs! It may not be popular to “speak of Christ” or “rejoice in Christ”… But, then again, I have never really believed the notion that just because something is “unpopular” it also means that it isn't true or good or wonderful. I believe in my Savior's ability to lift us during the most troubling times and I believe in life after death and this knowledge has transformed my entire life and brought so much joy to me; and I want to share that joy with every person that I can.
So... I hope that this is the beginning of something exciting and fun for me; and I hope you can enjoy it too! 

And here's a random cute picture of my family :)(hopefully in future posts my photo quality will increase.... but just know that this was a wild night and it was a Christmas Miracle that I even got this picture haha!) 

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