Blog title

I'm really excited about this blog title.

I went through a really difficult time in my life during 2010 and 2011. A lot of heart aches came to me and in turn I victimized myself a lot. I allowed myself to be a victim to something that caused me a lot of pain.

This blog title and the quote that inspired it, really does make up the conclusion that I came to after making up my mind that I wouldn't be that victim anymore.

Sometimes people around me make bad choices; there is no way that I can control that. Sometimes things will happen that are completely out of my control.

But there are some things in my control;

Will I throw up my hands in defeat or will I 'keep my head high, keep my chin up and keep smiling'?

Will I allow someone the freedom of hurting me repetedly or will I make the choice to not enable them to continue hurting me with their bad choices?

Will I allow this 'thing' (circumstance or person) to break me or will I allow this 'thing' whatever it is, to make me stronger?

I've learned that I always have a choice. In some circumstances the choices become very limited. But in most cases I can make the choice to refuse to be 'acted upon'. I am in control of my own life.

And what a beautiful thing that is? What a beautiful thing choice is? I am so grateful for it.

I'll make some pretty bad choices along the way. I'll also make some really great choices along the way.

But the fact is;

they are my choices.

They are what 'make' me, me. They are the things that 'make my life'.

I love this quote; the first time I read it I felt like it was my 'everything I need to know about life' statement. There are some sections that I'm working on right now.

I hope to be able to write something about each little section as time passes. Because everything in it has so much value to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do: